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Gregorian Chant: Where to find information on Sarum chant

Here are responses received on the question of sarum chant sources.

The English Hymnal is good for hymns;
for fancier chants, I use "The Order of Vespers", probably out of print.

We've performed things from Oxford University Press New Oxford Book of
Carols. Running a search in Google (e.g., sarum chant "Oxford University
Press") yielded this site:


look at our very simple website and see what we do:

We sing only Compline, and occasionally Vespers, and that means that we
don't do many of the more elaborate chants that are used for the Mass or
Matins. Our only elaborate-ish ones are the Marian antiphons at the end
of Compline, and a Responsory for Vespers. I should explain say that in
general a Sarum chant is not all that different from its Roman equivalent.
The difference isn't as great as that between Roman and Mozarabic, or
Roman and Milanese.

Paul Meers