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Recording Tips: Easy-to-use Recording equipment for rehearsals

Dear friends-

Wowthanks for the HUGE response to my question re recording for

There is strong concensus for:

- the Sony Minidisc Recorder (numerous models listed). Almost everyone
suggested purchasing a quality stereo mic for input.

Other suggestions included:

- I'm not sure if you're a technical guy, and if you have a PDA or not,
but should you choose to purchase a PDA, look at the Pocket PC. I have
a Dell Axim X30 (, and it has been wonderful for this
Granted, a Pocket PC is in the $250-$500 range (depending on what you
buy), but if you're going to have one any, there is a great program
called NoteM which is freeware that records in low, medium, and high
baud rates in mp3 formats.

- I recommend that you take a look at the Marantz CDR-300 or SuperScope
PSD-300. (Superscope is Marantz's consumer line.) They're both
basically the same unit, except that the Superscope has a recording
drive and a playback drive. I've got three of the CDR-300 units (that's
what we use for our mail order recording service), and they work great
in this scenario. I use one of them on a weekly basis to record the
rehearsals for my professional choir. The nice thing about this unit is
that it has a built-in condensor mic that works great for this
application. Then, when you go on tour or want to record your concert,
you plug two high-end condensor mics directly into it and you're good to
go - phantom power and everything.

Thanks everyone!

Kurt Amolsch
on March 6, 2003 10:00pm
The Superscope PSD300 is a very interesting and easy to use CD recording system. With XLR mic inputs, and built in stereo mixing, it's designed for direct to CD recording. Even better, for choral directors, the PSD300 has a second CD player drive that lets you change the key of any music CD without changing the tempo, or change tempo without affecting key. You can create practice loops and even reduce lead vocals at the touch of a button on many stereo recordings.