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Which are the best Seated Risers?

Dear Choralist Members,
Here is a compilation of responses I received about seated choral risers. They were very helpful. Thank you to all who responded.
Dr. Giselle Wyers

I can't think of the exact name but, I have a friend who swears that they
are better and cheaper than Wenger, I think the name of the company is
StageRight or StageLeft. I believe he said the company was out of Michigan.

Good luck
Joshua Oppenheim

> I have Stage Right platforms and love them. I would
be happy to give you an address if you desire.
Randy Van Wingerden
Calvin Christian HS
Grandville, MI

Wenger Versalite! So portable and TOTALLY easy to assemble. My students can
do it!

Perhaps the best on the market are built by the WENGER Company in
Owatonna, MN. Call for their 800 number and they will assist you.
The risers are built very well and last for ever. I have used their
standing risers, seating risers and chairs for decades and swear by them.
Charles Ruzicka, D.M.A.

We have a set of Wenger Versalite seated choral risers which we have used for
up to 200 singers. They are excellent.......and well worth the money. I
highly recommend them.
Frank Timmerman
Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts

I'm going through the same things myself. After reasearch into various
styles, I decided to build them myself! Here's what I found:

1) Usual riser height is 8". I need 6" for our specific room. This is
possible from manufacturers, but costs quite a bit more.

2) Usual depth is 3 or 4 feet. I like 3 1/2 feet. 3 is too narrow, and
4 is too long.

3) Safety is a concern. Without railings, people could fall off.
Without some kind of edging, a chair leg could slip off the edge, or
between risers. Some risers have a front piece to prevent this.

4) Portability is a biggie. You need ease of set up, but also
stability. I haven't tested any risers personally, but some look easier
than others. Some companies have gotten very clever with easy one-person
set up and all that, but you pay dearly for it, and it really isn't that

5) Storage is a concern. How much space will they take up when not in

6) Durability/quality of construction.

The closest I could find to the needs I have are the Wenger Corporation
Versalite series. They do their best to keep it fairly cost-efficient,
but it's still a top-dollar company, but they make great stuff! If my
church declines my offer to home build them, I will go with the Wenger.
(I can build 14 riser platforms for about $2000, whereas Wenger would
have a total cost around $10,000).

Please keep my Email address and let me know what you discover, because
we are not quite set in concrete yet, and more input could only help!

Josh & Nancy Peterson - Directors of Music
First United Presbyterian Church
1303 Royal Heights Road // Belleville, IL 62258
(618)-233-0295 (church) // (618)-233-0490 (fax)
(618)-566-7375 (home) // joshandnancy(a)


We just went ahead and purchased the Wenger risers for the auditorium we
perform in and they have worked out well. Wenger tends to be expensive,
but the durability is worth the extra monies. Just think through what kind
of versitility you are needing in the sections purchased and the value of
different heights of legs, too.
Hope this helps.

Ardis Faber
Associate Professor of Music
Grace College
219/372-5100 x6352

I am a choral director at an Orlando middle school and my principal agreed
with me that it was time to replace our 25-year old seated risers! There is
a consensus among the thirty plus directors in my county that the Trouper
Choral Seated Risers from Wenger are first choice. You could get the
orchestral size for more leg room, but my kids haven't complained.

I installed them myself with the help of the band director, and they
are great! Installation is not difficult, but if you go with these risers
talk to me or someone else you know who has installed them. The Wenger
contact I talked to last installed them a few years ago and was not helpful.

Through the grapevine I've heard that some individuals have been able to
convince Wenger to bring down prices! Apparently, they conveyed that they
would prefer Wenger but were going to buy from the competitor due to the
price. Who knows, maybe you have the same persuasive powers?

Hope this helps...

Mr. Jussi Doherty