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Christmas: Christmas Carol books

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 23:52:30 -0500 (EST)
From: RJohn196(a)
Subject: An Early Note on Christmas Carol Books

Dear List members: Before Christmas, James Langdell asked for
recommendations of Christmas carol books -- no SATB arrangements, just the
usual straightforward 4-part harmony, able to be handed out for caroling on
the spot or around the town. In private correspondence with him, I found
that he only got responses about carol arrangements. Therefore, In plenty of
time for Christmas '97, here is information on 4 carol books currently
available, just like the ones they used to hand out at the local bank!
Except these are, thank goodness, printed in *black* ink! James felt that
this was the information he was looking for and that others might be
interested as well.

I'll mention the publishers, but all should be available from Malecki Music,
who located and sent them to me in single copies. (I also asked a certain
large supplier in Pennsylvania, but they were totally UNhelpful, telling me
that they could find nothing like this. In all fairness, they usually do
much better than that.)

The best (IMHO) is the most expensive (of course): Carols of Christmas (Music
Edition), $3.75, Augsburg. 40 carols, all the usual plus such things as "O
Holy Night," "The Birthday of a King," "Fum, Fum, Fum," and the like-- not
exactly everyday carols, but still things that groups might like to sing at a
gathering, if not while going from house to house. Heavier cover. A
wordsheet edition is also available (price unknown to me), but not all the
stanzas of every piece are included on that.

Here We Come A-Caroling, $1.50, Word Music (# 3010046367). 30 carols, all
the usual, notation fairly easy to read. The cover is plain paper like the
rest of the book, not more sturdy. Generally 1 carol per page. Quite useful.

Let's Go Caroling!, $ .75, Lillenas (#MC-219). 20 carols, the usual.
Slightly smaller format, and notation, than the 2 above, generally 3 carols
per 2 pages. Smallest format of the group. Some of the words get a little
small. But then the price is small, too. Heavier cover.

Carols and Hymns for Christmas, $ .54, Augsburg. 15 carols, the usual sacred
ones but lacks such things as "Deck the Halls," "Jingle Bells," and even
"Good Christian Men Rejoice." Generally 1 carol per page, and quite legible,
in fact the most legible of the group.

Hope this helps.

John Specht

R. John Specht * "Someday we'll find it--
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rjsqb(a) *
on March 11, 2004 10:00pm
Here's an addition to your Christmas Carol books.

Check out THE CHRISTMAS CAROL SONGBOOK - 50 Christmas Favorites for Church, School and Community, published by Hal Leonard Corporation. For $3.95 a copy, this handy 56 page, 6 x 9 book will go with you ANYWHERE to perform a complete program of Christmas carols. Also offers performance suggestions to add variety to your performance. Enjoy1 We use it every year!
on January 27, 2009 10:00pm
i want a carol book