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Stewardship Sunday

I received some requests for a compilation of Stewardship Sunday anthem
suggestions, so here it is, for the good of the order:

William Byrd "Give Almes of Thy Goods" SATB unaccompanied. It's in
the Oxford Bood of Tudor Anthems.

"Where Your Treasure Is" by Mary MacDonald is one that
I've used. It's not very subtle...;)

I have a work for choir and organ set to Dag Hammerskjold's "Thou Who
Art Over Us" It has been performed before on Stewardship Sunday. The
text is as follows:

Thou who art over us
Thou who art also within us
May see thee in me also
May I prepare the way for thee
May I thank thee for all that shall fall to my lot
Keep me in thy love as thou wouldst
That all should be kept in mine
May everything in this--my being--be directed
To thy glory
And may I never dispair
For I am under thy hand
And in thee all power and goodness.

Amy Scurria

I have an original anthem for SATB choir + organ, called "Lord, You Give
the Great Commission". It sets the Jeffrey Rowthorn text [found in many
current hymnals] to an original melody. It's published by Lawson-Gould.

Tim Olsen


I've used the Vaughan Williams Old Hundredth Psalm Tune and his "O How
Amiable", both of which culminate in congregation singing (as Offering is
brought up with great flourish): The Old 100th and St. Anne (O God Our

There's one by Dale Wood called Rejoice, Be Glad, Give Praise, on Darwall's
148th, also same formula, with a refrain that says "Through Christ we
grow, with
vision clear...etc etetc" It's a little corny but effective.


I don't know the difficulty level you have in mind, but Jean Anne
Shafferman (not usually one of my favorites) had one published a couple
of years ago. It's the text of "Take My Life," but the melody was a folk
hymn tune, Higher Ground. I don't remember the publisher, but it was not
Alfred (the company for which she works).

This was accessible for a volunteer choir (SATB). Let me know if you're
interested and I'll look it up the number and publisher.

Here is something with a text that I believe is quite appropriate for
Stewardship Sunday. Please see
for other suggestions.

(SATB / organ or piano / congregation singing) was commissioned by
Emanuel Lutheran Church in Lansing, Michigan, for the retirement of the
minister, Daniel Buske. This hymn by John Fawcett (1782) and composer
Hans G. Nageli (1773-1836), was originally arranged by Lowell Mason
(1845). In 2002, it was arranged by Wallace De Pue to afford a
practical and musical challenge for voices that are found in the
volunteer choirs of small churches.
The lyrical melodic lines are set in contemporary counterpoint that is
designed to enhance the mood of the words. The contrasting section is
very rhythmic, but not difficult. Excitement is often provided by small
percussion instruments that are available in practically any school or

Vocal ranges are: Soprano, C1-d2; Alto, g-Bb1; Tenor, d-f2; Bass, A-b
flat. (3:39) EASY

Alexa Doebele
DMA Candidate in Choral Music, University of Colorado at Boulder
Director of Music, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Wheat Ridge, CO
"Alas for those who never sing, but die with all their music in them."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes