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A while ago I asked for suggestions for BALKAN CHORAL MUSIC. Here is a
compilation of the responses:

==============Unfortunately, the Filip Koutev family has retained the rights to his
magnificent choral arrangements of Bulgarian folk music, and they have no
plans for reissue, but old editions may still be available. Several members
of the Eastern European Folklife Center (eefc list can be consulted) have
Your best bet, from my point of view, for a cappella choral music from
Bulgaria which aims at a higher end than the merely evocative is the work of
Ivan Spassov. He wrote several complex but beautiful works for the Female
Chamber Choir of the Plovdiv Academy, which stands in relation to Bulgarian
music in the same way that Zoltan Kodaly's does to Hungarian. I heard them
perform some of this material in 1991 in Plovdiv and was blown away.
From: dubravko_pajalic(a) (Dubravko Pajalic)
I have a huge collection of Ccroatian chorla music from XIV-XX century.
Please let me know which composers you allready have from former Yugoslavia,
Dubravko Pajalic
Vancouver, B.C.

Gabriel Dumitrescu (WONDERFUL stuff; you must get hold
of EVERYTHING he publishes from Romania, if you do not know it already.

=========== Last year my Bulgarian-born musician wife and I formed Vox Bulgarica
Publishers, a small publishing and distribution operation whose goal is to
make available music of all types from Bulgaria. To date, we have focussed
mostly on choral music of all types from folk songs to the latest in
avant-garde works.
Please check out our webpage at .
Looking forward to hearing from you and to being of service.
With Regards,
Gregory Myers
Vox Bulgarica

Check out Musica Romanica (Romanian)

MUSICA ROMANICA Toll free: (800) 622-6438
P.O. Box 27830 Local phone: (206) 364-4225
Seattle, WA 98125-2830 Fax: (206) 364-4569
U.S.A. E-mail: MusiRom(a)

and Vox Bulgarica (Bulgarian) (

From: lgordon(a) (Larry Gordon)
Dear Karen,
We publish a book, entitled Village Harmony, Traditional Songs of
the Balkans, which contains about 20 traditional tunes from around the
Balkans. There is also a CD that goes with it. The book is $8 and the CD is
$15. You might also research Phillip Koutev, as he is one of the most
important Bulgarian composers. Thanks,
Mona Lewandoski

Have you checked out Vox Bulgarica? They have a web site. A song that comes
to mind is Niska Banja a Serb folksong arr. by Nick Page, it's a winner. It's
published by Boosey.