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Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 09:25:24 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Pentecost Sunday music compilation


I've compiled the many generous suggestions and favorites for Pentecost.
I've included all pertinent information submitted to me including names
and email addresses of everyone who responded. This way if you need more
info you may contact each respondent directly.
I edited comments for the sake of brevity and hope I haven't distorted
anyones message regarding their submitted favorites. Thanks to all who
contributed and enjoy.
A faux-bourdon setting of "Veni Creator Spiritus" by Gilles Binchois, as
adapted by Richard Proulx. It's published by GIA Publications.
Ken Sybesma
I think the Faure "Cantique de Jean Racine" makes a wonderful Pentecost
Jim Nord
Richard DeLong: Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, ECS 4792
Bruce Saylor: A Mighty Sound from Heaven, ECS 4228
William Grant Still: Holy Spirit, DOn't you leave mE (from Three
Rhythmic Spirituals, Bourne Music)
William Grant Still, arr: Every Time I feel the Spirit, Presser
Oskar Lindberg: Pentecost/Pingst - English version exists in translation
by Leland Sateren, don't know publisher. Swedish version (Pingst)
published by Nordiska Musicforlaget, Stockholm
Dawson: Every Time I feel the Spirit
Titcomb: I will not leave you confortless
Listen, Sweet Dove Grayston Ives Royal School of Church Music
Great project!
David Griggs-Janower
Many of these will come up if you search CRS under "Pentecost."
There you'll find publisher, voicing, and other information.

Byrd _I Will Not Leave You Comfortless_
Farrant/Hilton _I Will Not Leave You Comfortless_ (SATB)
Dufay _Veni Creator Spiritus_
Bach _O Come Holy Spirit_
Gibbons _Come Holy Spirit_
Tallis _If Ye Love Me_ (that chesnut!! SATB)
Tallis _O Lord Give Thy Holy Spirit_ (SATB)
Victoria _Veni creator spiritus_(SSATB I think)
Palestrina_Loquebantur variis Apostoli_(SATB)
Palestrina __Veni Sancte Spiritus_
Esquivel_Repleti sunt omnes_ (SSATB)l
Jo Scheier, Pittsburgh
Marty Haugen: *Spirit of God* (GIA) very easy, has congregational refrain,
and an expert congregation can sing the whole anthem, parts and all, as a
Yours truly: *Antiphon for the Holy Spirit* (text by Hildegard), available
from Ralamar Sparks Enterprises, recorded by Voces Novae Et Antiquae on Arkay
CD 6145 *The Gregorian Heritage*
And if you want to evoke glossolalia--Pinkham: *In The Beginning of Creation*
(SATB/tape) EC Schirmer--if you have the congregation join the choir on the
spoken & improvised sections.
Hope this helps.
Robert A.M. Ross
"Come Down, O Love Divine" William Harris Oxford University Press
"I Will Not Leave You Comfortless" William Byrd OUP
"Breathe on Me, Breath of God" Ned Rorem" Boosey &Hawkes
"Peace I Leave With You" J. V. Roberts G.Schirmer
"Upon the wings of the Wind" Daniel Gawthrup
"God's Gonna Set this World on Fire" Moses Hogan Hal Leonard
"Spirit of God" Ned Rorem Boosey & Hawkes
Bob Sabourin
Midland, Michigan
new, for small church choir: John A. Nickson, THE DAY OF PENTECOST (Kjos
8607), for SATB and organ and narrator.
Slightly avant garde,but clear, short, and easy. The organ has runs to
represent the rush of the
mighty wind, and trills for the tongues of fire.
Jacob Handl, VENI SANCTE SPIRITUS (published by Alliance; I don't have the
catalog number). SATB a cappella; limited ranges; short and easy with
interesting phrygian effects in the bass line.
Nina Gilbert
"Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove" Jody Lindh
This has to be my choir's all-time favorite for Pentecost. It is from a
larger work, "Credo" but published separately.
Janice H. Timm
Ned Rorem: Spirit Divine (from: OBPES(a)
Holy Spirit, Be The Power - David Stocker (SATB, brass & keyboard)
Thomas House Publications (1C0369305)
For smaller resources consider:
Come Heavenly Dove - David McIntyre (SATB & keyboard)
Thomas House Publications (1C0298802)
Regards, Vern Sanders
Christ Sends the Spirit Richard Proulx Augsburg
I Will Not Leave You Comfortless Everett Titcomb Carl Fischer
Steve Burton
There were two anthems written by Erik Routley published under the
one title of "Two For Pentecost" in the early 1980s.
Jim Green
Eric Thiman - Come Holy Ghost (this is fairly simple)
Gerald Near - Spritus Domini (uses Veni Creator)
Thomas Tallis - If Ye Love Me
Thomas Atwood - Come Holy Ghost (simple, with soprano solo)
Elgar - The Spirit of the Lord
Mary Pat Egan

Thanks to all of you who responded! Here is the compilation.

Stephanie Phelps

St. Philips Lutheran Church

Fridley, MN 55432


How about "Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove" by Cox and Lindh. No instruments but a nice piece

One of the classics, of course, is the Tallis "If Ye Love Me."

One of my favorites...and easy to put together is "Come Down, O Love Divine," Down Ampney tune, arr. by Phillipp Dietterich. Forget who has publisher rights now. It's easy, and very well done.

If they're up to it, do "Sing Praises, Ye Faithful" (Bach; Concordia)also known as Erschallet ihr lieder. A delightful piece from his Pentecost cantata. But the B sectiona fugueis challenging.

There was a publication of two neat anthems for Pentecost written by the late Eric Routley. Both of them can work. The publication title was "Two for Pentecost". The first also quoted Joel 2: (vs 28?) quite effectively. If you can find them, well worth looking at.

I think the title is Pentecost Alleluias by Felciano (ECS) may be a bit dated by now, but effective enough to have been used fairly recently at National Cathedral. Requires organ and electronic tape and a decent sound system. Designed for male chorus, but mostly (all?) in unison, so it can be done SATB.

Colin Mawby O HOLY PARADOX OF LOVE (Mayhew) Grayston Ives LISTEN, SWEET DOVE (ECS)

"I Will not Leave You Comfortless" #6 of Eight Short Motets for the Greater Festivals of the Church" by Everett Whitcomb, Carl Fischer. A capella, very beautiful "A Mighty Rushing Wind," Martin and Drennan, Glorysound. SATB, piano. Contemporary, accessible, but good text and word painting in the piano. Have you looked t Concordia, Augsburg, MOrningstar, GIA websites? I believe they have listings for specific holy days.

One favorite of mine which is also good as a general anthem is Harold Friedell's "Draw us in the Spirit's tether." Not especially demanding, yet oh so satisfying.

Please check out "Listen, Sweet Dove." The text is by the Anglican priest-poet George Herbert, and the setting is by Grayston Ives. It was originally published in England, but is now available through GIA Publications in Bedford Park, Illinois. A lovely anthem of medium difficulty.

I've got an anthem for Pentecost, titled "I will pour out my spirit" (from Isaiah). It's scored for SATB choir with SATB soli, 2 trumpets and organ (also an alternate version for brass quartet and organ).

My Chancel Choir is singing Faure "Cantique de Jean Racine," Op. 11 for Pentacost. We will use the English text by Heiberg that includes, "Send down on us the fire of Thy grace all consuming, whose wondrous might dispersed the fires of hell, and rouse our slumbering souls with radiance all illumining, that they may waken Thy mercy to tell." They have done John Carter's "Spirit of God" the past few years (before I started here) and I wanted something with a little more musical substance this year.

A suggestion - "Hymn to the Holy Spirit" by Randolf Currie. Uses "veni creator spiritus" chant as melody. SATB plus organ/piano. Not very hard. No instruments, but one could double the piano with flute or oboe in the interludes, or be creative in other ways. It's a very satisfying piece.

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Good evening Listers:

Below is the compilation of responses I received regarding this inquiry. A
few of these suggestions were of resources rather than titles, which was
every bit as helpful, and I'm grateful to those who recommended them.

Many thanks to the list, as this was enormously helpful in narrowing my
search. For those of you who were curious, I've settled on the Thomas
Atwood setting of "Come, Holy Ghost."

Daniel McGarvey

Music Director

Mayflower Congregational UCC

Englewood, CO


-------------Responses below-------------

If you are set on using CPDL, you might want to consider the "Cum Sancto
Spiritu" fugue from the Vivaldi Gloria. The text translates as "with the
Holy Spirit", so it's certainly appropriate for Pentecost. It's fugal but
not excessively contrapuntal. I used this with much success 2 Pentecosts
ago, with the hidden agenda of programming the entire Gloria for the
following Christmas.

Another Pentecost favorite of mine is "Spirit of God Descend Upon My Heart"
in an SAB setting by Crawford Thoburn. It's not classical per se, however
I've used it several times in the past and my choirs enjoy it very much.


The Day of Pentacost - John Nickson
The Spirit of the Lord - Healey Willan, Concordia Pub.
Come Mighty Father Mighty Lord - Handel, arr. Marx
Come Holy Spirit, Veni Creator - John Ericson, GIA
O Lord How Manifold are Thy Works - Martin Shaw, Novello

Come Holy Ghost, Our Souls
(O) Spirit of the Living God
Spirit Divine, Attend our Prayer
Gracious Spirit, Dwell with Me
I'm Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing
Breathe on me Breath of God
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
Sprit of God Decend Upon My Heart - hymn


Where a "choral standard" is concerned, you might

want to have a look at "Come Down, O Love Divine,"

arranged by P. R. Dietterich-it is an Abingdon Press

publication, their catalog number APM-241-Abingdon

is an English company-their music is represented in

the US by Hope Publishing.

Another "standard" is K. Lee Scott's "Gracious Spirit,

Dwell With Me"-published by Augsburg, their catalog

number 11-2198-it is based on the lovely Gregorian

melody "Adoro te, devote"-it is essentially a two-part

piece-quite beautiful, easy to learn and has a very

worshipful quality to it.

Where "intriguing" is concerned, have a look at Robert

Powell's "Creator Spirit, Heavenly Dove"-it is arranged

for bells and organ-it is mildly "out there"-both choirs

with which I have done this piece loved it-the piece

has a mystical quality to it at the beginning and end-

builds to some bigger sounds in the middle-the bell

part is somewhat challenging-but could be played by

as few as 6 or 7 ringers-uses a total of 14 bells-it

is published by Paraclete Press, their catalog number



We're doing "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God" by T. Tertius Noble. An
Anglican chestnut. It's not a rousing piece, more meidtative, and the text
is 'Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of
redemption. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil
speaking, be put away from you, with all malice' And be ye kind one to
another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake
hath forgiven you.


There's a related resource on ChoralNet: > Repertoire > Christian holidays > Pentecost

^^^^^^^^^^^(SERIOUSLY, CHECK THIS OUT! ~DAN M.)^^^^^^^^^^^


An absolutely gorgeous piece is "Wind Who Makes all Winds that Blow" by
Jeffrey Richard. SATB with flute and cello. It's a newer piece, but
written in a fairly classical style, with a captivating melody.

Vaughan Williams wrote "Come Down O Love Divine" SATB with vocal solo based
on the tune "Down Ampney."

K. Lee Scott wrote "Gracious Spirit Dwell with Me", 2-part (there might be
SATB version).

Carl Schalk wrote some "Two-part Canons" one of them entitled "Come Holy


HI Dan, I don't know if you already have "Upon this Rock" by John Ness Beck
--it is kind of big, with some high notes Bbs for the sopranos, actually,
with optional brass, etc. But what a great piece for Pentecost. This year
since Pentecost falls on Mother's Day it is kind of a challenge to get the
right anthem. I am planning "The Lord is my Shepherd" from the Rutter
Requiem and a lively introit for the Pentecost part. If you get a lot of
great ideas do you mind posting a compliation...that will help for next


Dan: I sent another e-mail to you, but here are some quick suggestions off
the top of my head (I'm currently at my university office, not church!):

"Come down, O Love Divine" (arr. David Ashley
White) lovely setting with solo trumpet/organ

"Come down, O Love Divine" (arr. John Leavitt)
beautiful setting with solo violin obbligato/organ

"And in the last days" (Emma Lou Diemer) kinda "out
there" that we are doing for main Anthem this year

"Christ sends the Spirit" (Richard Proulx) VERY
easy but wonderfully descriptive setting with optional Congregational


"Creator Spirit" (Ronald Arnatt) - easy but
effective hymn-anthem we are doing for this Pentecost offertory

"If ye love me, keep my commandments" (Thomas


We are doing Breath of Life, SATB, a cappella by Franck / arr. by Johnson
(Fred Bock Music Co. / B-G0494)


This might be of some help: Take a look at This is a
site for Methodist churches and they have down loadable music. Since you
have a limited library, maybe this site will help. Hope so!


Tallis: If ye love me