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Holy Week

Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 11:05:37 -0400
From: MJBein(a)
Subject: Repertoire for Holy Week

Thanks to all who responded. I have included comments for your edification
as well!!!!!

1-On the Passion of Christ - David Williams
From: CHausmann(a)UH.EDU (Charles S. Hausmann)

I would suggest any of the requiem masses assessable to most church choirs:
John Rutter (1984) Requiem oxford

2-Gabriel Faure


even Prokofiev's requiem can be done with a lot of dedicated work from
your choir

Any of the Passions of Bach (a pretty good Lutheran;))
These are quite lenghty and difficult, but certain choruses are attainable.
From: edgks(a) (ED GOEKE)

3-Look at the Schuetz Passions. You would need good soloists, but the
choral parts are not terribly involved if memory serves me.
From: pmeers(a) (paul stephen meers)

4-Dietrich Buxtehude: Membra Jesu Nostri

It is a cyclus of 7 baroque cantatas, regarding the different wounded parts
of the holy body of Jesus Christ. The words are in Latin. It is written for
string quartett SSATB-Soloists and SSATB Choir.

I did this piece with my chamber-choir five times during the last two years
and it made a great impression to everyone...
For the program I made a translation of the words into german poems (same
metres and rhymes as the Latin original text), but I think this cannot be
helpful for you...
You can get piano reduction and full score at: Verlag Merseburger, Berlin.
If you are interested, please contact me back and I will try to find out
the tel.number or address for you.

From: strauh(a) (stefan rauh)

5-Have a look at Schxtz: Seven Last Words
From: jpineo(a) (John & Beth Pineo)

6-Would you consider the early Handel St. John Passion? You could do
excerpts, and you could do it in English. it's fairly easy, and not
interesting enough to do for one or two hours, but excerpts that cut to
the hear of the story might be quite nice!

I've also done the Bach St. John once or twice without the arias, using only
the "action" and none of the contemplative stuff, and omitting a few
choruses that aren't crucial to the story (the dividing the garment by
lots, for example, and the wrapping of the body in linens, etc). It
makes it doable for the chorus, a better length for a service, and takes
away all of those really difficult arias! I cut quite a few chorales as
well. I think what's left is pure drama, and the best msuic in the
world, and doesn't do Bach an injustice. All you really need to make it
work is a really good evangelist and a decent Jesus, chrous and strings
(the winds are only crucial, I think, in the arias)...
From: janower(a) (David Janower)

7- How about Kenneth Leighton's Crucifixus Pro Nobis, which is scored for
choir and organ with tenor/soprano solo. The final Drop, drop slow tears is
quite well known in the US. The entire cantata is also fairly well known.
luck! j.leighton(a)

8-I performed in a Holy Week concert, actually the Fri and Sat before Palm
Sunday, recently. We did Bruckner's Te Deum and Haydn's Seven Last Words
(in German) - the version for orchestra, soloists and chorus. There is
also an all instrumental version.

The Haydn in particular is a georgeous piece - lasts about an hour.

kboyce(a) boyce)

Thanks again.

Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 16:04:52 -0400
From: HStover2(a)
Subject: Re: Repertoire for Holy Week

Requiem masses are appropriate for funerals and All Saints Day but NOT for
Holy Week.
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 11:02:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Alan M. Rothenberg"
Subject: Companion to Mozart Requiem - Compilation

A little while ago I requested ideas for pieces to "fill out" our
planned Good Friday 1998 concert of the Mozart Requiem. This is
a compilation of the responses. Lorna Wright (wright(a)
forwarded to me a copy of the compilation she made after making
a similar request last January, but I have not included that.

Many thanks to all!

- Alan Rothenberg
Delaware Valley Chorale (DE/PA)


From: Vlad Morosan

Consider a set of several selections from the rich services of Orthodox
Holy Week: Musica Russica has a number of suitable works in its catalog:

by composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov and Gretcahninoff, to name a few.
These works always seem to end up being both the singers' and the
audiences' favorites. All editions have the original text rendered in
"user-friendly" phonetics, and text-specific diction tapes are also available.
For more info: call 1-800-326-3132.

From: Elizabeth H Pizer

If you are able to consider works directly from composers, & if it might be
possible to consider more than one composition to fill the allocated 15-20
minutes for the remainder of your program, I would be pleased
to offer my "Kyrie Eleison" for a cappella choir. Scored for SSAATTBB
voices, performance duration is circa 10-12 minutes & level of difficulty
would be classified as "difficult." If you would like to examine the
work, I can provide a perusal score, plus, if it would be useful, a
performance tape -- just let me know...

From: "H. Raul Dominguez"

Poulenc, Francis,
4 Motets pour un Temps de Penitence [14' ca]
Distler, Hugo,
Totentanz (J. Klocking-Angelus Silesius) (1934) [27' ca]
Durufle, M.,
Motets sur des themes gregoriens, op. 4
Penderecki, K.,
Stabat Mater (1963) [Deshon Music Inc., New York]
Petrassi, G.,
Mottetti per la Passione
Pousseur, H.,
Sept Versets des Psaumes de la Penitence pour 4 voix (1950)
Krenek, Ernest,
Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae op. 93.
In coene Domini [28' ca]
In Parasceve [22' ca]
In Sabbato Sancto [25' ca])
Scelsi, Giacinto,
Tre canti sacri: Angelus. Requiem. Gloria (1958) [16' ca.]

From: Tom Lumb

Last time we did the Mozart Requiem we gave the choir a rest in the other
part of the evening and made our Bass soloist work harder by singing
Dvorak's Biblical Songs. I'm not sure if they are quite 20th C, but
probably close enough - and accompaniment would be needed - but
doesn't need to be orchestral.

From: William McConnell

Not a cappella, but a great companion piece is Robert Moran's "Requiem:
Chant du Cygne". Uses virtually the same instrumentaion as the Mozart,
but divides the choir and orchestra into 4 groups in four parts of the
cathedral. It is in 3 movements. Text is from words attributed to Mozart on
his death bed. In the third movement, Moran uses a 12-tone row that he
found in the graveyard scene of Don Giovanni.

From: Timothy Carney (MaestroTim(a)

Gerald Finzi's Lo the full, final sacrifice would be especially appropriate, and
a good pairing with the Mozart. It is SATB and organ, or perhaps strings,
and I don't remember exactly how long it is, anywhere from 7-12 minutes.
Also try the four Lenten motets of Francis Poulenc, which are a capella.
Mendelsson also has a short motet on Christe Du Lamm Gottes (sp?) with

From: Tom Hart

I know it's not unaccompanied but . . . how about the Stravinsky "Mass"?

From: Natalie Pessin Bliss

There's the Requiem by Iain Hamilton (412-41069) or Persichetti's Mass

From: Wayne Crannell

Hymn to St. Cecilia Britten
Rejoice in the Lamb Britten (with organ)
Bach Motets
Denn Er hat seinen Engeln befolen Mendelssohn (too short alone)
Past Life Melodies Hopkins
(not sacred, but not secular - text has no meaning - a sound piece
employing harmonic overtone singing)


Dear Friends:

Some time ago I promised to share with you the results of a survey of Holy
Week/Easter music services. Here at last are the compiled responses from 15
church musicians representing five different denominations: Methodist,
Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal and Roman Catholic. Perhaps this
information will provide some ideas for you next year.

If you are thinking that you should have shared in this survey, it's not too
late! Send your services for Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter and I will
post a follow-up to this survey. The more information you share (title,
composer, publisher, octavo no., voicing, etc.) the more useful the
information will be to others. Be sure to include your church name, city and

Also, some churches provided the full text of their bulletins, which are not
included in this post. If you are interested in obtaining this material,
please e-mail me directly (not the group) at nick.boltz(a) and I
will send it to you as a Word or Plain Text file attachment. (See the survey
below for the churches that provided this material.)

Sometime in May I will send out another request for your Advent/Christmas
music ideas. You may want to contribute your service music from 2001, or
perhaps you're one of those people who plan WAY in advance, and you'd like
to inspire us with your plans for 2001. Whatever you do, know that your
ideas will be put to good use by musicians from a variety of faith and
musical backgrounds. Soli Deo Gloria!

UMH - United Methodist Hymnal
TFWS - The Faith We Sing
GC - Gather Comprehensive (GIA)

Kurt Amlosch ACE.KAMOL(a)
Grace Lutheran Church, LaGrange, Illinois

Prayer to Jesus - Terry (Oxford Easy Anthem)
Agnus Dei from 'Requiem' - Rutter
What Have We Done? - African arr. Hopson
Were You There?
Lamb of God - Paris

This is the Day (psalm) - Vulpius
Christ is Arisen (verse) - African
Christians Rejoice - Eccard
On the Third Day - Pote

Lisa Baker
Asbury United Methodist Church, Albuquerque NM

Introit: Antiphonal Hosanna - G. Alan Smith (Hope F-973) Two-part
Anthem: Little Grey Donkey - Natalie Sleeth (Chorister's Guild)
Children's Choir Anthem: We Sang Our Glad Hosannas - Mary Nelson (Abingdon
024099) SATB w/Children
Hymns: UMH 278 Hosanna! Loud Hosanna
UMH 286 O Sacred Head

Hymns: UMH 292 What Wondrous Love Is This
UMH 626 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
UMH 432 Jesu, Jesu
or TFWS 2222 The Servant Song
or TFWS 2223 They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love
TFWS ritual 2257a-d
UMH 289 Ah, Holy Jesus

Hymn: UMH 301 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross
Anthem: Thy Will Be Done - Craig Courtney (Beckenhorst Press BP1263) SATB
Anthem: Ah, Holy Jesus - Cruger/Mantheny (Hope A568) SATB
Anthem: God So Loved the World - John Stainer (G. Schirmer 3798) SATB
Anthem: Behold the Savior of Mankind - arr. Ehret (Lillenas - out of print)
Hymns: TFWS 2110 Why Has God Forsaken Me?
UMH 288 Were You There?

Hymns: UMH 327 Crown Him With Many Crowns
UMH 304 Easter People, Raise Your Voices
UMH 302 Christ The Lord Has Risen Today (2 trumpets, organ, cong.) - S.
Drummond Wolff (Morningstar MSM-20-410)
Adult Choir Anthems: On the Third Day - Benjamin Harlan (Hal Leonard
0874295) SATB, flute, cong.
Come See the Tomb! - Craig Curry (Hal Leonard 08742944) SATB w/trumpet
Youth Choir Anthem: Resurrection (Easter Medley incorporating Christ the
Lord is Risen Today, Were You There, Joyful, Joyful) - arr. Craig Curry
(Alfred 19942) SAB w/trumpet
Response to Gospel Lesson: TFWS 2014 Alleluia (Taize)
Response to Greeting: TFWS 2026 Halle, Hallelujah (Caribbean)
Benediction Response: UMH 322 Up From the Grave He Arose, verse 1 & refrain

Elizabeth Burch eburch711(a)
First United Methodist Church, Eastman, Georgia

Call to Worship: Holy Ground (8:45 AM)
Call To Worship: Tell Me The Stories Of Jesus UMH 277 (Choir &
Hymn: Tell Me The Stories of Jesus UMH 277 (8:45 AM)
Hymn: All Glory, Laud and Honor UMH 280 (11 AM)
Hymn: Precious Name UMH 536
Prayer Response: Amen UMH 898
Musical Offering: Hosanna To The King - arr. Jack Schrader (Choir)
Hymn: Beneath the Cross of Jesus UMH 297 (8:45 AM)
Hymn: O Sacred Head Now Wounded UMH 286 (11 AM)
Benediction: God Be With You Till We Meet Again UMH 672 (Choir &

Processional: Christ The Lord Is Risen Today - Joel Raney (Choir only)
Hymn: Crown Him With Many Crowns UMH 327
Hymn: Up From The Grave He Arose UMH 322
Prayer response: Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross UMH 301(Refrain)
Musical Offering: He Is Risen - Lloyd Larson (choir, soloist, narrators)
Hymn: He Lives UMH 310

Lee Cooke leecooke(a)
Asbury United Methodist Church, Lafayette, LA

**NOTE: A booklet containing the full text of all these services is
available in Word or Plain Text format.

PALM SUNDAY (8:30, 9:45 and 11:00 a.m.)
Prelude: Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him - Hayes/Gaspard
Hymn: UMH 278 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (Ellacombe)
(9:45 and 11:00) Children's Procession-congregation seated.
Anthem: (11:00) Rock-a-My Soul - arr. Hal Hopson
Duet: (8:30 and 9:45) The Old Rugged Cross - Traditional
Anthem: (11:00) Hosanna, Sing a Loud Hosanna - Mark Hayes
Offertory Solo: Make Me a Servant - Kelly Willard
Song of Commitment: Lamb of God
Postlude: All Glory, Laud and Honor (Arranged)

Prelude: Were You There - Mark Limburg
Introit: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Arranged)
Hymn: UMH 623 Here, O My Lord, I See Thee (Penitentia)
Anthem: Beneath the Cross of Jesus - Traditional
Anthem: There Is a Redeemer - arr. Harlan
Communion Hymn: UMH 616 Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast (Hursley)
Psalter: Psalm 116 (sung) O Lord have mercy on me
Stripping of the Church: 'Tis Finished, the Messiah Dies (Arranged)
Postlude: Go to Dark Gethsemane - George Drumwright

Hymn: UMH 288 Were You There
Hymn: UMH 286 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded (Passion Chorale)
Hymn: UMH 298 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Hamburg)
Anthem: Lamb of God - Paris/Larson
Hymn: UMH 289 Ah, Holy Jesus (Herzliebster Jesu)
Stanzas one through three: Choir
Stanzas four and five: Congregation

Hymn: UMH 302 Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
Anthem: (8:30) Victory in Jesus - Gabriel
(9:45) Alleluia! Sing Christ is Risen - Terry Taylor (Children's Choirs)
(11:00) Easter - Ralph Vaughan Williams (Choir & baritone solo)
Hymn: UMH 322 Christ Arose (Up from the Grave He Arose)
ANTHEM: (8:30) Living for Jesus - Harold Lowden
(11:00) Alleluia - Ralph Manuel
Offertory Solo: (8:30 and 9:45) Easter - Vaughan Williams
Offertory Anthem: (11:00) Lamb of God - Lloyd Larson
Hymn: UMH 159 Lift High the Cross (Crucifer)
Postlude: La Bourree - Michael Praetorius (Brass Quintet)

Lon T. Dehnert ldehnert(a)
St. Mary's Episcopal Church

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - Gilbert Martin

Beginning of the service: Introit and Kyrie - Faure Requiem
Lacrymosa - Mozart Requiem
The Appeal of the Crucified from 'The Crucifixion'- John Stainer
Anthem: The Lord is My Shepherd from 'Requiem' - Rutter
Stripping of the Altar: Ave Verum Corpus - Elgar
God So Loved the World from 'The Crucifixion' - Stainer

Anthem: I know That My Redeemer Liveth from 'Messiah' - G.F. Handel (soprano
Since By Man Came Death from 'Messiah' - G.F. Handel
Recessional: Hallelujah Chorus from 'Messiah' - G.F. Handel

Richard Hintze Richard(a)
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, Paradise Valley, AZ

Prelude: Voluntary in C - Purcell (organ, brass, and percussion)
Introit: Hosanna He Comes - Bruce Stevenson (Fred Bock B-G0423)
Hymn: Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
Act of Renewal: Let the King Come In - Darwall/Larson (Alfred 20015)
Ministry of the Word through Music: In the Shadow of the Palms - Larson
(Belwin BSCM01063)
Offertory: Via Dolorosa, Fprague & Borop
Hymn: Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Prelude: God So Loved the World - Stainer
Hymn: Jesu, Jesu
Anthem: Sing Praise - Garrett Parker (Children's Choir)
Anthem: 'Tis Midnight, and on Olive's Brow - Thomas (Sacred Music Press
Anthem: Why Does My Savior Weep? - Liebergen (Alfred 5889)
Anthem: Come, Celebrate the Passover Lamb, Larson (Laurel Press 10/2749LA)
Hymn: Jesus, Remember Me

Prelude: Overture from "The Shadow of the Cross"
Hymn: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded
Tenebrae Service: The Shadow of the Cross, Larson (Hope 8151)

Prelude: Septimi Tempi - Dinda (organ, brass, and percussion)
Hymn: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today - Wilson (FitzSimons, F2306)
Hymn: He Is Lord
Hymn: Easter People, Raise Your Voices
Offertory: Now, O Death, Where Is Thy Sting? - Nagy (High Street Music
Ministry of God's Word through Music: Alleluia! Christ Is Risen - Kyriakos
(H. W. Geay, GCMR03568)
Hymn: Joyful, Joyful!, Beethoven/Parker (Hinshaw, HMC-671)

Jo Leighton joleighton(a)
St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

Missa Brevis - Lennox Berkeley
St. Matthew Passion - Richard Allain (1st Performance)
Solus ad victimam - Kenneth Leighton (Novello)

Mass for three voices - Byrd
Ubi caritas - Matthew Owens (first performance)
Ave verum corpus - Byrd

Mass for five voices - Lennox Berkeley

Crucifixus - Lotti
Repsonsories for Tenebrae - Gesualdo
Crucifixus Pro Nobis - Kenneth Leighton Novello)
St. Matthew Passion - Richard Allain (2nd performance)

Kronungsmesse, K. 317 - Mozart
Hallelujah Chorus - Handel

Julbilate Deo - William Walton
Responses - Bernard Rose
Jesus College Service - William Mathias
Antiphon - Vaughan Williams

Chris McElroy chrisjmcelroy(a)
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Montclair, NJ

GC = Gather Comprehensive (GIA)

Entrance: Lift High the Cross - CRUCIFER - GC 791
Gloria: Chant/Lee
Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 116): The Blessing Cup that we bless - Dean
Gospel Acclamation: Recieve the Word - Hass
Washing of feet: Ubi Caritas - Rosianna
Preparation of the Gifts: If ye Love me - Tallis
Rec. of Holy Oils: Schivone
Holy: New Plainsong Mass - Hurd
Memorial Acclamation: New Plainsong Mass - Hurd
Great Amen: New Plainsong Mass - Hurd
Lamb of God: New Plainsong Mass - Hurd
Communion: Ave Verum - Mozart
Transfer Bls. Sac.: Pange Lingua (Chant) /Tantum Ergo (St Thomas)
Adoration: Stay here, remain here with me - Taize

Responsorial Psalm: Father, into your hands (Chant)
Gospel Acclamation: Christus Factus est - Anerio
Collection for the Holy Land: O Sacred head surrounded (Passion Chorale)
O My People (The Reproaches) - Lundy
Salvator Mundi - Taize
Communion: Parce Domine (Ps 51)
Jesus Remember me - Taize

Responsorial Psalm(1): Psalm 104: Send forth your Spirit O Lord - Duffy
Responsorial Psalm(2): GC 24: You will show me the path of life - Haugen
(refrain 3, vs 2 & 3 only)
Responsorial Psalm(3): I will sing to the Lord - McElroy
Responsorial Psalm(4): GC 41: I will Praise you, Lord
Responsorial Psalm(5): Isaiah 12: We Shall Draw Water - Inwood
Responsorial Psalm(6): GC 27: Lord, you have the words
Responsorial Psalm(7): Ps 42: Gelineau
Gloria: Glory to God - Jones
Gospel Acclamation: Celtic Alleluia - Walker
Song for the Sprinkling: Gather your people O Lord - Hurd
Preparation of the Gifts: Christ is arisen - Lesiring
Holy: Mass of Creation - Haugen
Memorial Acclamation: Mass of Creation - Haugen
Great Amen: Mass of Creation - Haugen
Communion: This Joyfull Eastertide - arr Wood
O Sons & Daughters - Chant
Recessional: Christ the Lord is risen today

James D. Moyer Maestro11(a)
First Presbyterian Church, Morrisville, PA

Introit: I Will Arise and Go To Jesus - Southern folk melody
Response: God So Loved the World - John Stainer
Anthem: The Seven Last Words of Christ - Theodore Dubois (piano, harp,
timpani, soprano, tenor, baritone solos)
Response: (after Benediction) Benediction - Berlioz/Moyer

Introit: The Holy City - Stephen Adams (soprano solo)
Processional Hymn: All Glory, Laud and Honor - aarr. C. Dobrinsk (Handbells,
Choir, Congregation, trumpet, tambourine)
Response: God So Loved the World - John Stainer
Anthems: Palm Sunday - Richard Kountz (baritone, soprano, alto solos)
The Palms - Jean Batiste Faure (combined adult, youth, children's choirs)
Sing Hosanna in the Highest - E. Butler (Youth Choir and trumpet)
Laudation - A. Sherman (Handbells)
Response (following Benediction): Benediction - Berlioz/Moyer

Monday Noon Organ Recital
Solo: "Spirit of Faith Come Down" - C. Wesley

Tuesday Noon Organ Recital
Solo: "Be Thou My Vision" - D. Evans

Wednesday Noon Organ Recital
Solo: "How Great Thou Art" - Swedish folk melody

Thursday Noon Organ Recital

Maundy Thursday Service (evening)
Introit: Lamb of God - arr. Christiansen
Response: Hear Our Prayer, O Lord - G. Whelpton
Offertory Anthem: Ave verum - W. A. Mozart
Solo: "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked" - G. O'Hara
Response (following Benediction):Benediction - Berlioz/Moyer

Friday Noon Organ Recital
Solos: "The Unveiled Christ" - N.B. Herrell
"Were you there?" - Traditional
"Cujus Animam" - G. Rossini

Good Friday Tenebrae Service (evening)
Introit: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded - J. S. Bach
Hymn: Beneath The Cross of Jesus
Hymn: O Come and Mourn with Me Awhile
Anthem: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross - L. Mason
Anthem: Ah, Holy Jesus - J. Cruger
Solo: "My Spirit was in Heaviness" - J. S. Bach (soprano)
Hymn: There Is A Green Hill Far Away
Quartet: Eli, Eli! - Deak-Bardos (SATB)
Anthem: Were You There? - R. Haan (choir, cello, tenor soloist)
Choral Response: Christ We Do All Adore Thee from "The Seven Last Words of
Christ" - T. Dubois

Prelude (Brass): Royal Brass Music - Nicholas Guy
Marche Royale - Jean-Baptiste Lully
Introit: The Exsultet - traditional (baritone solo and handbells)
Hymn: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today - arr. John Rutter
Ye Sons and Daughters of the King - arr. Dale Grotenhuis
Holy, Holy, Holy - arr. James Ployhar
Crown Him With Many Crowns - arr. Craig Courtney
Anthem: Christ Has Conquered - Jospeh Noyon
Hymn: ??
Solo: Alleluja - W. A. Mozart (soprano)
Hymn: Thine Is The Glory - MACCABEUS arr. Paul Leddington Wright
Response: Hallelujah (from "Messiah") - G. F. Handel
Postlude: Postludium for brass and organ

Hillary Crute Johnson QBDIVA(a)
Centenary UMC, Metuchen, NJ

Anthems: "Lift Up Your Doors" and "The Love Behind the Cross" - Rathjen

"In Remembrance" - Buryl Red

Song of the Shadows - Joseph M. Martin (choir & chamber orchestra)

Introit: "The Lord Reigns" - Dale Wood (Sacred Music Press, 1996,
Affirmations for Worship 10/1208S) (Choir, Brass Quartet, Organ)
Hymn: Concertato on "Easter Hymn" - David Cherwien (Brass, Organ, Timpani)
Hymn: Concertato on "Christ is Alive" - Hal Hopson (Morningstar, 1999,
MSM-50-4039 full score, msm-50-4039A octavo, MSM-50-4039B parts) Brass,
Organ, Timpani, Handbells
Anthem: "This Day of Resurrection" - Stan Pethel (Flammer, 1997, A7160
octavo) Brass, Timpani, Organ
Communion Anthem: "Communion Hymn" - English/Clemons (Purifoy, 1989,
479-03214 octavo) Piano
Hymn: "Hallelujah" - G.F. Handel arr. Hal Hopson (key of C) (Hope C5121
octavo) Brass/ Organ/Timpani/Handbells
The brass quartet played the prelude and postlude; titles were not printed
in the bulletin.
During communion, the piano and organ improvised communion and Easter Hymns.

Clair Rozier crozier(a)
St. David's Episcopal Church, Wayne PA

The Seven Words of Christ on the Cross - Schutz (strings, organ, SSATB
Chorus, SATTB soli)

(Eucharist & Footwashing)
Music during Footwashing: Mandatum Novum and Ubi Caritas - Jacques Berthier
Offertory: Jesu, Jesu - (Ghana folk song) arr. Jane Marshall (SATB a

Hymn: Concertato on Christ the Lord Is Risen Today - Hal Hopson (2 trumpets,
organ, choir and congregation)
Psalm: Jubilate Deo - Britten (Oxford)
Offertory: This Joyful Eastertide (Vreuchten) - arr. Alec Wyton (Brass
Quartet and SATB Choir)
Communion: O Sacrum Convivium - James Biery (SATB a cappella)

Tim Ward tward(a)
First United Methodist Church, Oak Ridge, TN

Anthem: Sanctus in d minor - Bach ed. Hunt (Alliance Music Pub. AMP 0361)
Anthem: Lift Up Your Heads - Gabrieli (Augsburg 11-0690)
Solo: Prepare the Royal Highway from Three Swedish Folk Hymns - John
Ferguson (Augsburg 11-5360)

Solo: Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart from 'Messiah' - G.F. Handel
Solo/Anthem: Pie Jesu from 'Requiem' - John Rutter

Introit: Antiphon - Jennings (earthsongs)
Anthem: O Be Joyful - Roth (EC Kirby 81071)
Anthem: Christ Our Rock, Our Cornerstone! - Larson (Brookfiled Press
Solo: I Know that My Redeemer Liveth from 'Messiah' - G.F. Handel

Gloria Wendel gwendel(a)
First United Methodist, Van Wert, Ohio

Prelude: Alleluia! Pascha Nostra - E. Titcomb
Offertory: Easter Medley - Jeannette Smith (piano)
Anthem: Risen Indeed! - Joseph Martin
Postlude: Offertory on "O Filii et Filliae by A. Guilmant
Hymns: Christ the Lord is Risen Today - John Ness Beck (3 trumpets, choir,
O Sons and Daughters, Let Us Sing
Low in the Grave He Lay - arr. Hopson (Hope Publishing) (trumpet and

Nick Boltz nick.boltz(a)
Hope Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas

** NOTE: A Word or Plain Text document is available with the complete texts
of all these services.

Organ Prelude: The Palms - Jean Baptiste Faure
Introit: Hosanna to the Son of David (from Acclamations!) - Hal Hopson
(Sacred Music Press S-273) Choir with Handbells
Hymn: All Glory, Laud and Honor (Valet will ich dir geben)
Hymn: Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (Ellacombe)
Anthem: Sing to the Lord Hosanna! - Patrick Liebergen (Hope C5072) Youth &
Children's Choirs, flute, drum
Hymn: Beneath the Cross of Jesus (St. Christopher)
Offertory Anthem: Thy Will Be Done - Craig Courtney (Beckenhorst BP1263)
Hymn: I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art (Toulon)
Benediction Response: Worthy the Lamb That Was Slain - Don Moen
Organ Postlude: The Holy City - Stephen Adams

Prelude: How Fair and How Pleasant Art Thou - Marcel Dupre
Hymn: We Come As Guests Invited (Wie Lieblich ist der Maien)
Anthem: In Remembrance - Buryl Red (Broadman 4565-35) choir & flute
Hymn: An Upper Room Did Our Lord Prepare (O Waly Waly)
Offertory Anthem: Jesus Took the Cup - Hal Hopson (Agape AG7292)
Communion Hymns: Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us with Your Love (Chereponi)
Jesus, Remember Me - Berthier (Taize)
Hymn for Stripping of the Chancel: Go to Dark Gethsemane (Redhead)
Postlude: O World, I Now Must Leave Thee - Johannes Brahms

Tenebrae: A Service of Darkness (Choir, String Quartet, Organ)
(Scripture Readings on the Seven Last Words of Christ)
Processional Chant: Sing My Tongue the Glorious Battle (Pange Lingua)
Hymn 1: There Is a Green Hill Far Away (Horsley)
Anthem 1: O Come and Mourn with Me - Hal Hopson (Hope)
Hymn 2: Beneath the Cross of Jesus (St. Christopher)
Anthem 2: God So Loved the World - John Stainer (G. Schirmer 3798)
Hymn 3: What Wondrous Love Is This? (Wondrous Love)
Anthem 3: Jesu, Word of God Incarnate - W.A. Mozart (Public Domain: with string quartet
Hymn 4: Ah, Holy Jesus (Herzliebster Jesu)
Anthem 4: Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs - Heinrich Graun ed. Collins
(Hinshaw HMC-583) with keyboard & strings
Hymn 5: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded (Passion Chorale)
Anthem 5: I See His Blood Upon the Rose - Hugh S. Roberton (G. Schirmer
Hymn 6: Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed (Martyrdom)
Anthem 6: Saw Ye My Savior? - David N. Johnson (Augsburg)
Hymn 7: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Rockingham)
Anthem 7: Were You There? (soloists from back of church)

Prelude: Grand Choeur Dialogue - Eugene Gigout (organ)
The Strife Is O'er - Palestrina arr. Sherman (handbells)
Introit: Risen, Alleluia! - Allen Koepke (Warner Bros. SCHCH77127) with
organ & brass
Hymn: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today (Easter Hymn) arr. Hopson* for organ,
brass, handbells
Hymn: Alleluia, Alleluia! Give Thanks (Alleluia) arr. Hopson* for organ,
Psalter: Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 from Psalm Refrains & Tones for the Common
Lectionary (p. 30) - Hopson (Hope 425)
Hymn: Fairest Lord Jesus (Crusader's Hymn) arr. Hopson* for organ, brass
Offertory Anthem: Hallelujah! from The Mount of Olives - Ludwig von
Beethoven (Hinshaw HMC-742)
Hymn: Lift High the Cross (Crucifer) arr. Hopson* for organ, brass,
Closing Response: Hallelujah! from Messiah - George Frederick Handel arr.
Hopson for choir, congregation, organ, brass, handbells (Hope C5121)
Postlude: Toccata from Symphony V (Charles M. Widor)
DESCANTS, ORGAN) IN WORSHIP series by Hope Publishing

Nick Boltz
Director of Music
Hope Presbyterian Church
Austin, Texas