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Good Friday

Date: 04 Oct 95 08:32:17 EDT
From: "david m. janower"
Subject: Good Friday & von Suppe

1. Thanks to Super Jean Sturm for this info: The Franz von Suppe Requiem is
published by Carus, available from Mark Foster (brand new). thanks to others
hwo provided info on the recording: CD on BNL 112774, minor French label, hard
to locate. 66 minutes. Anyone is US stock it?

2. As promised, compilation of suggestions for a Good Friday oratorio. They
don't fit the "chorus and small orch" request, but all deserve to be mentioned.
Mostly omitting the many Renaissance works, mostly a cappella, that fit, like
Lassus Lagrime, etc.
THANKS to all who made suggestions!!!

Requiems by Mozart, Brahms, Faure (choices of scoring), Durufle (small orch is
wonderful), Rutter, et al. Also Requiem by R. Schumann, which has three
listings in Schwann Opus Summer 1995 and is in the complete works (full orch).
Also Gounod (full orch, Editions Choudens). Also Herbert Howells. Also Jose
Mauricio Nunes Garcia (Brazilian, modelled after Mozart - Carus Verlag - flutes,
clarinets, bassoons, horns, timp, strings) - worth a look!

Stabat Maters by Poulenc (large orch), Dvorak (works with reduced winds and
brass), Haydn, Schubert, et al. Also a lovely one by A. Caldara, strings and
trombones (Broude Brothers). Also by Symanowski. Penderecki? D. Scarlatti
(SSSSAATTBB, continuo).

Seven Last Words by Haydn (strings), Dubois, Schutz. Also Nancy Hill Cobb at
Okla. Baptist U.

Jesu, Meine Freude by Bach, or the one by Mendelssohn (strings only, Carus, 10
min), or...

Passions by Bach, Schutz (unacc), Penderecki, etc. Handel has the large Brockes
Passion and the very early and italianate St. John (1707 or so). Did not
investigate Buxtehude, Telemann, etc. Also Leonard Lechner. Check new Grove
under "Passion" for list.

Bach Cantatas - some would be appropriate, like 131, Aus der Tiefe, etc.

Handel - Funeral Anthem for Queen Caroline

Gounod - The Redemption: Part I, Calvary (Part II, Resurrection to Ascension;
Part II, Pentecost)

Mendelssohn - Christus, Part II (Part I contains the famous Behold a Star from
Jacob, or There Shall a Star from Jacob...). Part II is really effective.

Mendelssohn - Christe, Du Lamm Gottes (strings, with flute, Oboe or Clarinet ad
lib, 10 min - Hanssler)
Liszt - Christus - major work on life of Christ. Part III is "Passion and

Penderecki - Utrenja (if you have 200 singers and 100 players!)

Liszt - Via Crucis (organ) - the 14 Stations of the Cross

Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem - not liturgical, of course. Big orch, but
Oxford has arrangement for strings and keyboard.

David H. Williams, On the Passion of Christ (Gray/Novello?)

Purcell Funeral Sentences for Queen Mary (organ/tpts)

Mozart - Grabmusik, K. 42 (I think)

Gluck - De Profundis - Ob, fg, cor, 3 tbns, low strings - 5 min? - Eulenburg
Zurich (neat piece!)

The list below from Rob Ross, RobertamR(a) - contact him for more info:

R. Thompson - The Last Invocation (also W. Schuman, others)
J. Tavener - Funeral Ikos
Holst - Evening Watch
James Furman - Jupiter Shall Emerge
Giles Swayne - Missa Tiburtina
Howells - Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing (JFK); Hymnus Paradisi
Poulenc - Lenten Motets (unaccomp., hard); 7 Repons de Tenebres
Victoria - Missa Pro Defunctis; Officium Defunctorum
Hovhaness - Pilate (opera?)
Arvo Part - Passion
Gorecki - Miserere

Cheers, and "Happy Good FRiday"

David Griggs-Janower
228 Placid, Schenectady 12303