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Easter: Favorites

Date: Sat, 3 Dec 1994 18:03:30 -0700
From: "v. meredith"
Subject: Easter anthems results

Thanks so much to the many people who shared information about their
favorite Easter anthems. They have all been combined here into one rather

lengthy list which includes music for every size and voicing of choir, as

well as encompassing many different musical styles. Thanks especially
to those people who included publication details with their posting. I
hope this information will be as useful to other conductors as it has
been to me. Thanks again.
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name -- arr. Jim Lucas
Alleluia, come, good people -- Davis
Alleluia -- Ed Harris (SAB, Hinshaw MNC-372)
Alleluia! Christ is risen -- Kopolyoft (SATB div.)
Alleluia! the Lord liveth -- Harris
An Easter Greeting -- How (2-part)
Arise in Us -- Shaw
As it began to dawn -- Vincent (SATB S solo)
Ascendit deus -- Philips (SSATB)
Awake Up My Glory -- Barnby
Awake, Thou Wintry Earth -- Bach (EC Schirmer 1169)
Behold, ye despisers -- Parker (SATB B solo)
Beneath The Cross Of Jesus -- arr. David McIntyre [Canadian Composer]
By early morning light -- arr. Dickinson
Carol of Joy -- arr. Walker
Carpathian Easter Carol -- arr. Gaul
Christ is Risen -- Gaul
Christ the Lord is Risen Again -- Rutter
Christ the Lord hath risen -- Lang (U+S=C1TB)
Christ Is Risen, Sing Christian Sing -- Carnegi/Rodby=20
Christ Rising -- Orlando Gibbons
Christmas song (personent hodie) hymn (w/words for easter) -- Holst
Come Ye Faithful -- Thatcher
Come To Calvary's Holy Mountain -- B. Wayne Bisbee=20
Come Ye Faithful -- Titcomb
Crown Him With Many Crowns -- arr. Boyd Bacon=20
Earth Feare, The -- Proulx
Easter Alleluia (orientis partibus) -- Wesley/Shaw (SATB S,T soli)
Easter Song -- Fehrmann (SSAATBB)
Easter Bell Carol -- Davies (unison, descant)
Easter Cantata -- John Cooper (publ. by East-West Music Edition)
Epilogue -- Randall Speer=20
Fanfare -- Lew Gillis (brass, Hope Pub Co.)
Fanfare For the Risen Christ -- Ovid Young (Lindsborg Press L0125)
Festival Hymn -- arr. Allan R. Petker (brass, Fred Bock Music Co.)
Festival Canticle: Worthy is Christ -- Richard Hillert (Concordia 98-A92305)
Four Canons For Small Choir -- Steven J. Wolff
Go to dark gethsemane -- Noble
Greater Love -- Stan Pethel (2-part, Hope Pub Co., GC-877)
Hallelujah from Messiah -- Handel
Hallelujah from Mount of Olives -- Beethoven
Hilariter -- R. Dirken
His Yoke Is Easy -- Handel
Holy Is The Lamb -- Jim Lucas
Hosanna -- Grainer (S/T soli)
Hosanna to the son of David -- Gibbons (SSAATB Palm Sunday)
Hosanna to the son of David -- Handel (B/A solo, Palm Sunday)
Hosanna To The Son Of God -- Ron Zell (Palm Sunday)
Hosanna -- arr. Mark Shepperd (Palm Sunday)
I Know That My Redeemer Lives -- Walter Black
In Joseph's lovely garden -- arr. Dickinson (sop. solo)
Jerusalem My Destiny -- R. Cooney (opt. trumpet, GIA)
Jesus Christ if Risen Today, Alleluia -- arr. S. Drummond Wolff (brass,)
Lift High The Cross -- arr. Boyd Bacon
Light's glistening morn bedecks the sky -- Parker (SATB B solo)
Lithuanian Easter Carol (2-part)
Lord is Ris'n Indeed,The -- Billings
Lord is Arisen,The -- arr. Dickinson
Lord is Risen -- Billings/arr.McAfee
My Lord, What A Morning -- Roger C. Wilson (Lorenz B75)
O Mortal Man -- Robert E. Smith (Maundy Thurs)
O Spotless Lamb Of God -- arr. Jim Lucas=20
O sons and daughters -- Parker/Shaw
On Wings of Living Light -- Matthews (SATBB)
One early Easter Morning -- Marryott (SATB solo)
Orlando Gibbons -- Christ is Risen
Osterdialog -- Heinrich Schutz
Pange Lingua -- Sean MacLean (very difficult)
Pathways to the Cross -- Robert Young=20
Processional For All Seasons -- Allan Robert Petker (Palm Sunday)
Promise Which Was Made, The -- Bairstow
Regina Coeli -- Aichinger
Regina coeli -- Aichinger/Williamson
Rejoice the lord is risen! -- arr. Dickinson
Remember Me -- Stephen J. Penney (Maundy Thurs)
Resurrection -- arr. Koshetz
Resurrection,The (from Christus) -- Liszt (SSAATTBB)
Ride On, Jesus, Ride -- M. Haugen (GIA G=A93541)
Ride On, Ride On In Majesty -- David N. Johnson (SAB, Augsburg)
Ride On Ride On In Majesty -- arr. David Stocker (Palm Sunday)
Rise Crowned with Light -- Willan
Rise Up My Love My Fair One -- Willan
Rise Up My Love My Fair One =A9--Willan
Risen Lord, The (book of carols) -- Gray,pub.
Risen Christ, The -- Noble (SATB T and S soli)
Russian Easter Alleluia -- Gaul
Scatter Palm Branches -- Tunder (SSATB, strings 2-2-1)
Since from death hast risen again -- Bach
Sing, Men and Angels, Sing -- Eugene Butler (AMSI 104)
Six Easter Carols -- Bonner
Six Carols -- Barnes
Spring Bursts Today -- Shaw
Spring bursts today -- Shaw
Strife is O'er, The -- arr. Hal Hopson (with brass, Agape)
Strife is O'er,The -- Ley
Surely he has borne our griefs (vere languores) -- Lotti (SAB)
Surgens Jesus (he is risen) -- Philips (SSATB)
The Lord Reigneth, Alleluia -- David McIntyre [Canadian Composer]
This joyful Easter-tide -- arr. Wood
This Joyful Eastertide -- Harris
Three Easter Carols -- arr. Whitehead
Thy Will Be Done -- Craig Courtney (Beckenhorst, BP1263)
Tomb Stands Open Wide, The -- Craig Courtney, (Beckenhorst Press)
Traditional Choral Praise (descants) -- Randall deBruyen, (Oregon Catholic Press)
Victimae paschali laudes -- Gregorian chant (unison)
Victory -- Allan Robert Petker
We will carol joyfully -- Means (SATB S or treble)
When the dawn was breaking -- arr. Dickinson (sop. solo)
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross -- arr. Boyd Bacon
Wondrous Cross -- arr. William Triplett [TTBB]
Ye Sons and Daughters of the King (old french air) -- Thiman
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 12:28:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Easter anthems?

While it's still fresh in your minds, I'd like to ask for
recommendations for Easter Sunday anthems. Somehow on this day--the
greatest feast of the Church--I'm always a bit disappointed by the
repertoire. Our available resources are a cracker-jack SATB choir and
soloists, a virtuoso organist, a brass quintet, and tympani.


Date: Wed, 19 Apr 1995 16:10:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jeffrey Bernstein
Subject: Re: Easter anthems?

Sing the "Et Resurrexit" from Bach b-minor Mass. It doesn't get any
better than this, and with time to prepare you'd make spectacular use of
your forces.

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 15:13:53 +0000
To: "Choralist"
Subject: Review of Easter suggestions

A few weeks ago, I asked for suggestions for a good, solid Easter
anthem for my choir of 12 singers. The response I received was
tremendous, including a few forwarded lists of many, many
suggestions. Thanks to all who submitted ideas to me.

Here is a list of the individual suggestions I received (I'm assuming
the longer lists have already been posted).

JS BachCantata #4 (Christ lag in Todesbanden)
Cantata #15, Denn du wirst meine Seele nicht in der
Hoelle lassen
Cantata #31 Der Himmel lacht, die Erde jubilieret
Et resurexit from the B- mass
Barber Easter Chorale (G. Schirmer)
Beethoven Hallelujah from Mount of Olives
Billings Easter Anthem: The Lord Is Ris'n Indeed (Theodore Presser)
Byrd 'Haec Dies'
'Victimae paschalis laudae'
Christensen Easter Morning
Handel Amen fugue from Messiah
Thanks be to God from Messiah
Worthy is the Lamb from Messiah
Haydn Agnus Dei from the Paukenmesse
Lucas, Jim "Rejoice Greatly" (CA1019-optional trumpet Trio.) Descant
Nystedt, Knut Christ is Risen - Augsburg
Parker, Alice "An Easter Rejoicing", SATB, organ and harp (or piano) and
simple percussion, published by EC Schirmer.
Petker, Allan Robert "Victory" (DA0679010) for Brass and
keyboard.Descant Publications.
"Processional for All Seasons" (DA0679309) for brass,
and optional multiple choirs (including children if desired).
Descant Publications.
Rodby, Walter "Christ is Risen, Sing Christian Sing" (DA0869303).
Descant Publications.
Rutter Gloria
Christ the Lord is Risen today
Schuetz 'Ich weiss, dass mein Er-loeser lebt'
Scott, K Lee The Glory of Christ (Concordia 98-2982), organ,
handbells and
optional brass.
Shaw, Martin With a Voice of Singing Schirmer 8103.
Thompson Alleluia
Vaughn Williams Rise Heart,Thy Lord is Risen (5 Mystical Songs)
Victoria Gloria in excelsis Deo
Wald All Hail This Resurrection Day
Willan, Healy O sing unto the Lord a new song
no composer given "Lift High The Cross" [1C0589115];
"Crown Him with Many Crowns" [1C0589119], etc.) for choir,
congregation, organ and brass. Thomas House Publications.


Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 21:40:28 -0500
To: choralist@lists.Colorado.EDU

following is a summary of responses to my request re: Easter anthems with
brass. Thanks to all who responded:

Horatio Parker's "Light's Glittering Morn" easily adapts itself to
interpolating brass in certain sections which I've done and used it more than
on one Easter.

I second the Dirksen "Christ Our Passover." Great timpani part!

Easter Chorale, by Samuel Barber, published by G. Schirmer. It was written
for the dedication of the central tower of the National Cathedral and has
great words and music. It is slowly paced and perhaps not what you're
looking for, but great for large choirs in large spaces.
Chuck Chapman

"Upon this Rock" arr. John Ness Beck, G. Schirmer.
Good luck with your list. R.D. Mathey

I particularly like VICTORY by Allan Robert Petker (includes "The Strife is
O'er" tune & text) published by descant publications.
Vern Sanders

My ONE - AABSOLUTE favorite Easter piece for SATB and brass quartet is EASTER
ANTIPHON by David Hurd (I don't have the publisher info at hand -
try G.I.A.) I performed it with brass quintet, but it would work well with
quartet also.
Richard Householder
Director of Choral Activities
University of Windsor

Christ the Lord is Risen Again by Richard Proulx. SATB, org., brass quartet
and timpani.

Mark Trautman
Christ Church, New Brunswick, NJ

I put my vote in for Gerald Near's _Most Glorious Lord of Life_
distributed by Paraclete Press. It was written for St. Paul's last year.
Near first did an orchestra version, but he was supposed to have made a
four-part brass version available as well (there's a note on the music
indicating this) though I've not heard or seen either. It works quite well
with just organ.
Dan Fortune
Assistant Organist-Choirmaster
St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo

I have always liked Flor Peeters: "Entrata Festiva" The text is the
medieval acclamation: "Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus
Imperat." (Christ conquers...etc.) (My Latin is not that good.) The
music is very dramatic, although the choir parts are rather minimal--well
within the reach of a smaller choir. There is organ of course, and timpani.

Bairstow's "Sing ye to the Lord" in an arrangment by Gerre Hancock, I
believe, is wonderful. Also, "Christus vincit" by Noyon, again arranged by
Hancock is wonderful. Robert Saladini, St. John's Episcopal Church,
Georgetown, Washington.

SATB (some divisi) and Brass Quintet and Timpani
Publisher: Celebrations Unlimited
PO Box 30775
Columbus, OH 43230


Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 08:57:02 -0400
From: (John Augenblick)
Subject: Easter Cantatas

Recently I posted a request for Easter Season Cantatas with
orchestra...specifically not in Contemporary Christian style. The following
is a compilation of the responses I received.

Thanks to all who responded.

1. From: (Charles Hausmann)

For a good Lenten or Holy Week piece with orchestra would be Haydn's Seven
Last Words. Also, Rene Clausen's A New Creation would fit your needs,
although not specifically Easter. With smaller church choirs I have done:
Cantata 4 (Christ Lag in Todesbanden) of J.S.Bac and On the Passion of
Christ - David McKay Williams (with Strings).

2. From: Lani Johnson

Several church and one community choir directors around these parts
have chosen Ronald Nelson's "Voices from the Passion". It's possibly too simple
for your group, but we'll be using 30-40 voices, orchestra and organ.
The main solo part has, I think, enough meat for a good singer.

3. From: LizJayne

I have a cantata that is 30 minutes long, and is a contemporary setting of The
Seven Last Words. The scoring is for chamber orchestra so that those who
have to hire don't have to hock the music library. It is NOT contemporary
Christian, yet was written to be accessible to a church choir with better than
average abilities. It is published by Leawood Press. I would be happy to
send you a copy a cassette recording should you like to see it.

4. From: John Leavitt

I have two works that fall into your catagory. While they are not 45
minutes in length, they were orginally designed to be done together.
They are:
My Song is Love Unknown, SATB Choir, Organ, Strings, 2 flutes,
Published by Augsburg Fortress, Most appropriate for Holy Week
Written in a neobaroque style with Bach cantata as the model, with
more contemporary harmonies. Uses the famous John Ireland tune in two
movements with the rest being original music.

Awake My Heart with Gladness, SATB Choir, Piano, Strings, 2 flutes,
percussion, piccolo trumpet, Published by Augsburg Fortress, most
appropriate for Easter
Written in a contemporary (classical) style. All original music.
Quotes the Ireland tune from the Love Unknown cantata.

Both works are about 15 minutes each-combined about 30 minutes.

5. From: (Randall Davidson)
Subject: Re: Easter Cantatas

I thought you may be interested in a work recently written by a composer,
Randall Davidson. I believe I have sent this message to you earlier in
reference to a posting
requesting suggestions for Christmas works. The following work follows so
closely to the Easter and Christmas seasons. Sorry to repeat myself to
you; however, the work to me seems like an ideal fit, and is at least worth
hearing and learning more about. Please contact me if you would like
addtional materials. Also, note our website at

The work "The Fourth Wise Man" was premiered by Philip Brunelle's Plymouth
Music Series of Minnesota who commissioned the work with assistance from
Meet the Composer's New Residency Program. It is adapted by George Sand
from Michel Tournier's novel, "The Fourth Wiseman," and from
turn-of-the-century American Henry Van Dyke's "The Story of the Other

The work is a 65 minute long church parable and requires 5 soloists (4
male, 1 female), treble Angel trio (young voices), small SATB chorus, large
SATB chorus, and ensemble: oboe, trumpet, harp, percussion, organ, and
strings (3 2 1 1 1). Like the last supper, there are 13 people around the
instrumentalists' table.

6. From: Michael Leavitt

I have available to me a beautiful "middle of the road" cantata called
the Bread of Life. It is written by Dan Carter and sounds like excactly
what you may be looking for. Call me at the below toll-free number or email
me at if you are interested.

7. From: Larry Nickel

I'm a composer here in BC. I've been writing choral music for about 30
years. I'm published with Goliard Press, Canadian International and
Jaymar Music Inc.

Two years ago I wrote an Easter Cantata entitled "No More Fear of
Dying". It is one hour in length. It has scriptural lyrics and traces
the Passion of Christ from His entry in Jerusalem to the Resurrection.

I intended to write legitimate, solid, yet accessible four part singing
with a contemporary feel. "Hip classical" music, one might call it.
There are a capella sections and in places the music really drives a
beat. This music sounds unlike anything you'll hear in the contemporary
Christian market. Solo parts are written for certain characters such as
Judas, Mary, Peter and Pilate. Instrumentation is simple, but very
effective; piano, bass guitar, vibes, glockenspiel, tubular bells, timpani,
drums and aux. percussion.

If you're interested in trying a rock/classical choral canatata, let me

8. From: "Jane C. Menkhaus"

Have you seen Rene Clausen's "a new Creation" - SATB divisi choir,SATB
soli, chamber orch (strings, 2 flts, oboe, bsn, harp, timp, organ) - it's
around 45 minutes. Call me for a complimentary vocal score if interested.

9. From: Robert Miller

My choir is about the same size as yours and last year we did Lamb of
Promise. The choir enjoyed this. We bought it from Brentwood.

on February 6, 2003 10:00pm
Any of you have "Jesus Christ is risen today" Vaughan Williams (Hymns of Vaughan Williams) ? "Sing a song of sixpence" John Rutter ?
Please help me to find it > I need for my choir .
Thanks .
on January 19, 2007 10:00pm
Our group is looking to do an Easter Contata. We were wondering if you would have a Contata already written to email us.
I await your reply