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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 96 14:39:08 -0000
From: Rick Lane
Subject: Re: Choral Music in Spanish

Thanks Choralisters,

Several of you responded to my request for information on choral music in Spanish. Here is a summary/compilation of the responses:

>From: Jorge Hernán Arango García, jorgeag(a)

>Me puedes escribir a mi en español, te puedo colaborar con lo que quieras,
>soy director de coro en Medellín - Colombia.

(trans. "You can write to me in Spanish; I can work with you with whatever you want. I am a choir director in Medellín, Colombia.")

>From: Julio Dominguez, juliod(a)LANDER.ES

>Si te interesa música de compositores españoles para coro mixto quizá te pueda hacer algunas
>recomendaciones además de algunas obras que yo mismo he escrito.

(trans. "If you are interested in music by Spanish composers for mixed choir I can make some recommendations in addition to some works that I myself have written.")

>From: Joan Catoni Conlon, conlonj(a)stripe.Colorado.EDU

> Try Alliance Publications (in Houston) and earthsongs (in
>Corvallis, OR). Third Planet also has some interesting choral titles in

>From: laura lane, lllane(a)

>Earthsongs has several excellent pieces in Spanish, and not terribly
>difficult. The best one I've done so far is Mata del anima sola--you
>need a good tenor soloist, but otherwise it's not hard at all. A high
>school choir or church choir could do it. And it's a LOT of fun--it
>was my college choir's favorite piece last spring. You can call Ron
>Jeffers at earthsongs and get a catalogue--sometimes he'll send you
>single copies for half price--as about that. Phone: 541-758-5760.

>From: Benet Camps i Marsal, electramun(a)

>If you become interested could speak with you of music Spanish choral and I could send you
>information of editorial of music.
>I am director of choirs, I at the moment direct 2, from 23 years ago and I live near
>Barcelona, in Catalunya, Spain.
>My e-mail is Benetcm(a)
>My direction Benet Camps i Marsal
>C/ Buenos Aires, 1,3r.

>From: Tom Cunningham, 100071.2057(a)

>You may like to look at my "Esta Noche" for SATB with piano accompaniment
>published by Hinshaw HMC-1274.

>From: Susana Zabaco

>I can suggest you several works. There is a book edited by the
>Spanish Choral Federation entitled "Repertorio 1" that includes a
>variety of works from 14th century to 20th century. I don4t know if this
>book can be bought, as the Federation sended it free to all the Choirs.
>Anyway you can write to them:
>Isaac Peral 12 7:B
>28015 Madrid Spain
>There is also a music archiv called :
>Martmn Echeverria 15
>Renterma Spain
>Here you can get all the information about hundreds of works.
>In my opinion the choral music contained in the Chansonniers of 15th,
>16th and 17th century is wonderful and in many cases not too difficult. I
>mean Cancionero de Palacio, la Colombina, Uppsala, Medinacelli...
>Specially the works by Juan del Encina.

Rick Lane Youth and Music Ministries Consultant
Costa Rica Baptist Mission
Apartado 4035-1000 San Jose COSTA RICA

Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 16:23:46 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Contemporary Spanish Music Compilation

Dear friends of choral music,

I promised a compilation of contemporary Spanish music. I made no distinction
between Old or New World--thus both are here. Thanks to everyone who

Ave Maria Walton
Ave Maris Stella Walton
Ave verum Walton
Laudate pueri Walton
Pater noster Walton
Laudate Dominum Walton
Popule meus Walton
Magnificat Walton
Salve Regina Walton
The Lord is My Shepherd ?
O Sacrum Convivium ?
Alleluia ?
O vos omnes ?
Gabon Izar Eder ?
Altxa Pello Artzaia ?
Gloria Alliance
Agnus Dei Santa Barbara
Comedetis Carnes Edition Ferrimontana
Jubilate Deo "

O vos omnes
Nigra sum

Romanceros Gitanos

Te Quiero earthsongs

Alma Llanera earthsongs

Ave verum corpus

Tres Canciones Negras Peermusic Classical

Triste estaba el rey David

Spanish music by non-Spanish composers:

Three Spanish Christmas Carols (newly arranged) Santa Barbara
Riu, riu, chiu
E la don, don
Dadme albricias hijos d'Eva

Llama de amor viva EC Schirmer (?)

Suite de Lorca

And if this is not to your liking--Suzanne Tiemstra has a collection of some
10,000 composition by Latin Americans!!--stmstra(a) will certainly
be the last word on this topic!

Thanks again,

Kurt Amolsch
Concordia University
on March 17, 2003 10:00pm
"Dark-haired Lady" incorporates a beloved Spanish folk song that begins with the Lord's Prayer. However, it's not a sacred song - far from it. It's really about a young man who is distracted from his prayers by the beautiful head of a hair of a lady nearby. Easy SAB with women's trio and piano. Percussive instruments optional. Go to and click on the repertoire list.

"Yo No Soy Yo" is set to a poem by Juan Ram
on September 11, 2003 10:00pm
If you'd like to sent a score for either "Dark-haired Lady" or "Yo No Soy Yo", e-mail and we can send you a .pdf file.
on March 28, 2004 10:00pm
Does anyone know of a performing edition of the Missa O Magnum Mysterium by Victoria? many thanks Gil Seeley, Oregon Repertory Singers
on April 6, 2004 10:00pm
Could anyone help me in getting information if Missa Flamenca, composed by famous guitarist Paco Pena is available on the CD market and if yes what is the possibility to buy it.
Regards, Ivan Juraic, Croatian Mixed Choir "INA", Zagreb, Croatia