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Colonial America

Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 15:30:58 -0600
From: "John M. Crowell"
Subject: Re: New World Music

On Thu, 14 Apr 1994, Jason K. Green wrote:

> Does anyone have suggestions as to where I could find info on choral/vocal
music of
> the French or Spanish colonial periods in the New World?

A couple of nice collections of music from New Spain are:

Two Mexico City Choirbooks of 1717
Southern Illinois University Press

Songs from the Spanish Cancioneros
Boethius Press

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 11:55:18 -0600
From: CTELLEZ(a)
Subject: New World Music

With respect to Latin American music during Colonial times, you may make a
formal request of information to us at theIndiana University Latin American
Music Center, c/o
Gerardo Dirie, Coordinator of Information. This applies also to any other
requests of Latin American repertoire of all periods. William Summers is a
good person to contact about California missions music. You should also
contact Bernardo Illari, a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago, who
was part of the team which studied the music found at the Chiquitios Jesuit
missions in Bolivia.

E-mail addresses:



Carmen Tellez
Director, Latin American Music Center
Indiana University


Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 13:17:31 -0600
From: miolsson(a) (Milton Olsson)
Subject: Re: New World Music

In response to Jason's inquiry re French and Spanish Music in the New World:

RESEARCH by Suzanne Spicer Tiemstra. It's a 1992 publication by Greenwood
Press. ISBN: 0-313-28208-0. It deals primarily with European-influenced
music. Hope this helps.

Milt Olsson

Date: Fri, 22 Apr 1994 19:35:15 -0600
From: wahoofive(a)
Subject: Re: New World Music

re: new world music

Some pieces by Juan Gutierrez de Padilla, a Mexican composer (I mean, "New
Spain") whom I would not hesitate to compare with Palestrina and Victoria,
are actually published by Mapa Mundi, in excellent performing editions by
Bruno Turner. My group is performing his Lamentations for Maundy Thursday on
May first in Alameda, CA.

Allen H Simon

P.S. We're also doing a very interesting piece by Zelenka and the Six Sacred
Songs by Hugo Wolf (among other things). E-mail me for more info!

Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 21:17:59 -0600
From: Gregg Geary
Subject: Re: Mexican acappella repertoire

For Mexican choral music may I suggest you look at:
Tiemstra, Suzanne Spicer, The Choral Music Of Latin America :
A Guide to Compostions and Research, New York : Greenwood Press, 1992.

There are some glitches in this work. One of the most glaring is that it
does not have a country or geographic index nor are materials arranged by
country. It does have a number of works by Mexican composers however so
you may find it valuable nonetheless. Good luck.

Gregg S. Geary
Music Librarian
University of Hawaii, Manoa

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 11:20:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Kaufmann
Subject: Compiled responses: Music for Houses of Publick Entertainment, 1690

T Thanks to everyone for the helpful responses to my search for sources of
music used in early American taverns.

Chip Kaufmann

Here are the responses:

> I would recommend you contact the NYPL music division, which has very
> large collections of early American sheet music. If you can make it
> down
> there and browse the collections, I bet you'll find some hints. If I
> remember correctly, the most promising collection would be the one
> called
> "AM-1."
> Greetings from Waldoboro, ME,
> Elizabeth Crownfield
> ecrownfiel(a)
> ***********************************************************
> I have a book called "Music in Colonial Massachusetts, 1630-1820", vol.
> 1,
> music in public places. Published by the Colonial Society of
> Massachusetts, 1980, distributed by University Press of Va. It's a
> pretty
> good overview of things, with lots of music, almost all ogf which seems
> to
> have been published as just melody line.
> For the more complex published arrangements, England was the source.
> John
> Playford's English Dancing Master, preeminently, published in lots of
> different sorts of editoriating. My favorite is "The Playford Ball",
> edited by Kate von Winkle Keller for the country dance and song society,
> which gives all the original song lyrics and dance instructions. It adds
> guitar chords, which modern musicians often seem to appreciate.
> Oxford University Press published "The Catch Book", ed. Paul Hillier,
> rounds from about 1650 to about 1780, many bawdy.
> You can get a lot of stuff from Andy's Front Hall, Voorheesville, NY
> 12186-0307, e-mail fennig(a)
> Best of luck! I have a semi-pro consort and an amateur revels-type group
> that do a lot of this stuff.
> Judith Conrad, Clavichord Player (jconrad(a)
> Director of Fall River Fipple Fluters
> Church Musician at First Congregational Church, Bristol, R. I.
> Piano and Harpsichord Tuner-Technician
> *****************************************************************
> Have you talked with the people at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia?
> Might be a bit early for them, but they might know sources nonetheless.
> John
> John & Susie Howell (John.Howell(a)
> Virginia Tech Department of Music
> Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A. 24061-0240
> Vox (540) 231-8411 Fax (540) 231-5034
> **************************************************************
> Contact the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, Virginia
> 22185.
> They operate several restored late 17th and 18th Century taverns and the
> interpreters are rather expert about the repertory from that time,
> including use of authentic instruments, etc. One of the more famed
> taverns in town is Chowning's...that may be a start.
> Mike Hassell
> Hampton, VA
> **********************************************************
> remember coming across information like this in colonial
> Williamsburg, VA. Maybe the Virginia Tourism Bureau has a website or
> can put you in touch with the Colonial Williamsburg Historical
> Society.
> Also, Thorpe Music Publishing puts out The Revels choral music, much
> of which is secular/celebratory in nature. It is definitely from that
> period, although you'd do well to look at a few of the pieces to see
> if they fit your program. Most music dealers can supply copies;
> Thorpe's distributor is Theodore Presser Co. If you need a list of
> dealers in your area that handle this, e-mail sales(a) and
> they'll provide info on where to look. Plus, I think The Revels, Inc.
> might have a web page describing their recordings and events, but I'm
> not positive.
> Natalie Pessin Bliss
> _____________________________________________________________
> Theodore Presser Company Music Publishers since 1783
> 1 Presser Place phone: (610) 525-3636
> Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 fax: (610) 527-7841
> ************************************************************
> Please pass along to me what responses you might get - I too am
> interested in
> colonial American music-making. Thanks and good luck.
> Kevin Kelly
> Library Associate, Music Reference Library
> University of Georgia
> Athens, GA 30602
> 706-542-2712
> ****************************************************
> Some years ago, I took a wonderful course in American Music History with
> a
> professor named Raoul Camus. His phone # in NYC is 718-767-9684. His
> address is (was) 14-34 155th Street, Flushing, NY 11355.
> If anyone can help you, it would be him. As I have not spoken with him
> in
> many years, I don't know if he still resides at that number or if he's
> actually living.... Good luck. ART
> ArtSerating(a)
> **********************************************************
> You could contact Barbara Lambert (former MFA Musical Instruments
> czarina) who lives in the Boston area ....
> Sheila Beardslee Bosworth sheilab(a)
> Editor, Boston Early Music News
> >>next BEMN Deadline 9/20 for 10/15 issue!
> WEB Calendar
> 29 Main Street, Acton MA 01720-3505
> voice: 978/263.9926 fax: 978/263.2366
> ************************************************************