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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 96 18:31:44 +0100
From: ma128(a) (Paul Madgwick)
Subject: NEW Choral repertoire from Musica Baltica in LATVIA - more info.

Since my last posting about the Choral repertoire of "Musica
Baltica" in Latvia, several people particularly in North
America have enquired how these items can be ordered.

I have discussed this with Solvita, the director of Musica
Baltica, and she recommends that you transfer in Canadian or
US Dollars to the company bank account in Latvia, and at the
same time send her an e-mail message: MUSBALT(a)COM.LATNET.LV
with your order. For one of each of all four choral books
(ie a total of 4 books) the price including post to America,
packing and bank charges is:

For USA 92 US Dollars
For Canada 126 Canadian Dollars

For extra copies use the prices below and add 50% for postage.

The bank details are:

Account Holder: SIA Muzika Baltika
Brivibas 85
LV 1001 Riga

Account Number: 00 00 702 035

Bank Zemes Banka
Brivibas 83,
LV 1001 Riga,

Details of the four books are as my earlier posting:

Peteris Plakidis "Nolemtiba" (Destiny)

Peteris Plakidis was born in 1947, studied at Emil Darzins
special music secondary school and graduated as a composer in
1970 from the Latvian State Conservatory, where he also
completed his postgraduate studies in 1975, and since 1974 has
taught composition and music theory. He is active as a
composer of both vocal and instrumental works.

"Nolemtiba" (Destiny) uses the structure of an orchestral
symphony but the medium of the mixed choir. The text is a
series of poems by the Latvian poet and journalist Ojars
Vacietis (1933-1983), based on the theme of national
responsibility and Patriotism, in the context of the world as
a whole. The work lasts about 25 minutes and is in 5 self-
contained parts: "Calling up", "A shoe for the Stone Horse",
"A Wish", "Magic" and finally "Earth".

The edition includes a guide to the pronunciation for those
not familiar with the Latvian language.
11 US Dollars + Post etc.

Rihards Dubra "Ave Maria"

Rihards Dubra was born in 1964 and studied at the Emil Darzins
specialist music secondary school and the Latvian Music
Academy. He is now organist at one of Riga"s Roman Catholic
Churches as well as a teacher of composition and music theory
in the nearby town of Jurmala.
"Ave Maria" is a collection of 10 sacred pieces for mixed

"These pieces, four of which employ Marian texts and the
others similarly well-known words, have a great deal to offer.
Although the general idiom is diatonic, contemporary
techniques in choral writing are used freely, and for the
discerning choir director who is looking for something quite
new to add to the repertoire, this volume will prove to be an
intriguing resource book" - Church Music Quarterly October
10 US Dollars + Post etc.

Paulus Bucenus Philorodus "St. Matthew Passion" (Ideal for
this coming Easter)

Paulus Bucenus Philorodus was active in Riga around 1580, when
the city was a self governing republic. Apart from the present
work he is the composer of 24 masses and over a hundred other

The St. Matthew Passion was written for use in the Riga "Dom"
cathedral and printed in Stettin in 1578. It is in motet style
using the "Longaval" Latin text, a hybrid drawn from all four
gospels, and is one of the last Latin settings of the passion
written for the Protestant Church. The work has a rich 6 voice
texture, alternating expressive polyphonic sections with a
delicate chant-like choral recitative.

The edition in an untransposed scoring for SSATTB choir using
modern clefs. It is the first in a series of early music
publications being prepared to commemorate the 800th
anniversary of the city of Riga. Separate parts are also
available for instruments on request.
10 US Dollars (for score only) + Post etc.

Anthology of Latvian Chorus Songs 1918-1940

"Latviesu kordziesmas antologija II 1918-1940 " (An Anthology
of Latvian Chorus Songs
1918-1940). This hardback reference volume contains 55 works
from the first period of Latvian independence between the two
world wars. The book is an important reference work in its own
right, and is the second in a series documenting the
development of the Latvian Chorus song.

15 composers are represented and works have been chosen to
illustrate the development of each of the main styles. There
is an introduction in English, full translations of the texts,
as well as a pronunciation guide for choirs not familiar with
the Latvian language.
25 US Dollars + Post etc.

Paul Madgwick
on May 15, 2002 10:00pm
I'm looking for a composer who has similarities in style to Arvo P
on May 15, 2002 10:00pm
You need to post this question to Choralist, where more people will see it.
on November 26, 2002 10:00pm
"Welcome King and Lord" was the English title of a Christmas hymn I happened to hear on a Latvian (Lithuanian?) radio program on the day after Christmas about eight years ago. The piece started with the basses singing the first verse a capella. The tenors joined in on the second verse, altos on the third, sopranos on the fourth, and TRUMPETS on the fifth. It was glorious!

I wanted this piece on paper to show to the director of the 200-voice Newburyport Choral Society, in which I sing bass. I contacted the radio station, but I had no success in finding it.

I just found CHORALNET.ORG while looking for something else, but when I saw "BALTIC" I had to click it. Can you help me find this piece? Thank you very much.

Raymond T. Wilson
on July 29, 2003 10:00pm
I attended the choir competition in Riga July 1, 2003 and heard wonderful choirs. Each choir was required to sing a "compulsory" piece as well as their other 2 choices. I want, for my choir, a copy of that obligatory piece. Can you help?