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Music for Festivals

Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 14:58:55 +0800 (WST)
From: dean(a) (Dean Economou)
Subject: Advice on Choral Repetoire

Dear Choralist readers,

I'm part of a committee organising a large choral festival for 1997.
We will have a choir of around 150-180 consisting of people who are
mainly 18-25, but nevertheless fairly experienced choristers. We will
have the resources of a full orchestra and are trying to decide on the works.
Such choirs have in the past sung works such as Brahms' Requiem, Elgar's
Dream of Gerontius, and Carmina Burana.

We are looking for a major choral work that would occupy 30-90 minutes,
with up to about 45 minutes singing in total.

I've made a list of works we have considered, below. Are there any
obvious candidates we've missed? Things like Mozart Requiem have been
excluded because they have been performed too often at these sorts of things.
We are warm to the idea of 20th century works (if fairly tonal), and
could probably organise to join another choir for a performance needing
massive chorla forces.

Rachmaninoff Bells
Verdi Requiem
Berlioz Requiem
Brahms Requiem
Beethoven 9
Beethoven Missa Solemnis
Mahler 2, or 8 (needs two choirs)
Elijah by Mendelssohn
Belshazzar's Feast (William Walton)
Berlioz Te Deum
Kodaly Te Deum and Pralus Hungaricus
Poulenc Gloria
Durufle Requiem
Schoenberg's Grureliede (massive)
Britten War Requiem
Delius Mass of Life

Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 09:28:26 +0800 (WST)
From: dean(a) (Dean Economou)
Subject: Summary: Choral Repetoire

Hello choralist readers,
here is the compiled list that I've made from the responses I've
received. I've editied out individual comments for works. Remember that
some choral masterpieces don;t appear on the list because bthey were
doen recently in this part of the world (e.g Carmina Burana). The list
was complied on the weekend and since then a few more suggestions have
come in. I'll add those and transmit later in the week. Once again,
thanks to all those people who helped.


Choral Repetore - Summary of Suggestions.

Agento Masque of Angels
Bach, PDQ Missa Hilarious, Oedipus Tex
Bartok Cantata profana
Beethoven Missa Solemnis, Mass in C, Symphony 9,
Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage
Berlioz Requiem, Te Deum
Bernstein Chichester Psalms, Mass
Bloch Sacred Service
Borodin Polovetsian Dances
Brahms Requiem also, shorter and easlier: Nania and Schicksalslied
Britten War Requiem also Saint Nicolas and Cantata Academica
Bruckner Te Deum, Mass in F Minor; Mass in E Minor (only winds)
Charpentier Requiem, Te Deum in D
Colerage-Taylor Hiawatha's Feast
Delius Mass of Life, Requiem
Durufle Requiem
Dvorak Te Deum; Mass in D Major; Stabat Mater; Requiem
Elgar The Light of Life, The Apostles, The Black Knight, etc.
Faure Requiem
Finzi Hymn to St. Cecilia, Intimations of Immortality (a masterpiece)
Handel all of his vocal works
Havergal Gothic Symphony
Haydn Nelson Mass, other masses; Stabat Mater;
Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross
The Storm (short); The Creation; The Seasons
Hindemith Requiem for Those We Love
(When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed)
Holst Choral Symphony, Hymn of Jesus
Honegger King David; Joan of Arc; Cantate de Noel
Howells Hymnus Paradisi
Ireland These Things Shall Be (Boosey&Hawkes; I love the text)
Janacek Glagolitic Mass (Festive)
Joonas Kokkonen Requiem
Kodaly Te Deum and Pralus Hungaricus
Mahler 2, or 8 (needs two choirs)
Mendelssohn Elijah, Hymn of Praise, Psalms 42 and 130
and Die erste Walpurgisnacht
Mozart Mass in C Minor
Orff Cartulli_Carmina, Trionfo_di_Afrodite
Parker Hora Novissima
Poulenc Gloria, Mass and Stabat Mater
Prokofiev Alexander Nevski
Puccini Glorias, Missa de Gloria
Rachmaninoff Bells
Respighi Laud the Nativity
Rutter's Requiem or Magnificat
Schoenberg's Gurreliede (massive)
Schubert masses (especially the ones in E-flat and A-flat)
Schumann: Requiem, Missa sacra, Das Paradies und die Peri (long)
Shostakovich Stephan Razin
Sowerby's The Throne of God
Stravinsky Symphony of Psalms, Mass, Threni, Canticum Sacrum,
Requiem Canticles, the Flood
Thompson's Mass of the Holy Spirit, St Luke's Passion
Tippett A Child of Our Time
Vaughan Williams Hodie, Fantasia on Christmas Carols, Benedicite,
Flos campi, Mass in G, Dona Nobis Pacem, Sea Symphony)
Verdi Te Deum and Requiem
Walton Belshazzar's Feast

on May 21, 2006 10:00pm
I'm looking for a couple of amazing a cappella selections for a festival/competition. Our satb high school group is about 24 with 6 on each part. Any suggestions?