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Texts on Score study

Many thanks to all who responded to my request for
recommendations of texts dealing with score study. I
find that many of us in the choral field receive much
less training in this area than we do in others
(gesture technique, rehearsal technique, etc.). This
hypothesis has been substantiated somewhat by the
large number of requests for this compilation.

1. "Choral Conducting: A Symposium" by Harold Decker
and Julius Herford. Aside from being a complete guide
to all the concerns of the choral conductor, this text
does include a thorough discussion of score analysis.

2. "Note Grouping" by James Thurmond. A highly
recommended book that deals exclusively with Julius
Herford's score analysis techniques. JMT
Publications, PO Box 603, Camp Hill PA, 17011.

3. "The Conductor and His Score" by Elizabeth Green
and Nicolai Malko.

4. "The Symphony and the Symphonic Poem" by Earl V.
Moore and Theodore Heger. A good book for those
conducting choral/symphonic literature. Includes a
series of symphonic movements from major works with
complete theme/form analyses.

5. Dr. Don Oglesby of the University of Miami was a
student of Julius Herford and has written a text on
score analysis. For further info, try contacting Dr.
Oglesby at UM.

6. "Evoking Sound" by James Jordan. A general
conducting text which has some insight on score

Many thanks to all who responded to this inquiry.

Britt Cooper
Director of Choral Activities
Hiwassee College
Madisonville, TN

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