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More Interval songs (beyond "my bonnie")

Dear listers,

Here are the responses I received in response to my
query about descending P4, P5, A4/d5, m7 and M7.

Many thanks to all who responded!

Minor Second- Oh Danny Boy, I don't know how to love
him, Jaws Theme, White Christmas, Getting To Know You

Descending - down- Doxology (second & third
melody notes)

Major Second - Frere Jacques, Sound of Music, Silent
Night, "DO" a deer, Rudolph

Descending - Three Blind Mice

Minor Third - Greensleeves, Somewhere Out There, Hello
Dolly, Ge Our Guest

Descending - Jesus Loves Me

Major Third- Kumbaya, Anchor'sAweigh, Marines Hymn

Descending - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Perfect Fourth- Here Comes the Bride, Auld Lang Syne,
Aura Lee

Descending - I've been workin' on the railroad,
Frere Jacque (The ding, ding, dong at the end), Born

Tritone- Maria, The Simpson's Theme
Descending - Why Do I Love You (1st and 3rd

Perfect Fifth - My favorite things, Star Wars Theme,
Chim-Chimney, Twinkle,Twinkle, The Alphabet

Descending - Knick-Knack, Paddy-Whack Give a Dog
a Bone, Star Spangled Banner (OH, oh SAY can you
see..), From the Wizard of Oz - The song the guards
sing uses both ascending and descending

Minor Sixth - Go Down Moses,

Descending - Principal Theme From Love Story, 1st
and 3rd melody notes) from Sunrise, Sunset

Major Sixth- NBC Theme, Midnight Clear, Dashing
Through the Snow, My Bonnie Lies...

Descending - Nobody Knows the Truble I’ve Seen

Minor Seventh- Star Trek Theme, There's A Place for

Descending - Hol-ly-wood (1st and 3rd notes),

Major Seventh  - The Never Ending

Descending - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (reverse
notes 1 & 3)

Perfect Octave - Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Chestnuts
Roasting on an Open Fire

Thanks again!


====Brenda Wilber
Director of Choral Activities
Sturgis Brown High School
(605) 347-2686

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