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Chinese songs

Check out Chen Yi's Ten Chinese Folk Songs, published (in
two sets) by
Presser. She wrote them for Chanticleer to sing with
various Junior High
and HS choirs, and some of them would probably work well
for you.


Francis Baxter has many fine arrangements of Chinese
songs. One that
I especially like is called "The Dawn of Spring." It is
published by
Laurendal Associates. It's a fairly easy arrangement; as I
it has a very catchy tune and some interesting, colorful
writing for
chorus in a contrasting, quiet middle section.


I did Flower Drum Song by Jing Ling Tam a couple of years
ago. It is in I
believe Mandarin. We used silk scarves as props during the


Pengyou ting (traditional Chinese) arr. Carolyn Jennings


Might I suggest our publication by Jon Washburn - Chinese
Melodies. This is
from the traditional song from Shikang "Kang King Love
Song". The work can
be viewed/download/printed on our Web Site at


There are two songs in St Olaf's album "St. Olaf Choir:
Portrait Of The
Orient" has two very good chinese folk songs.


I would think that the choral works of Dr. Chen Yi are
perfect for

Her SET OF CHINESE FOLK SONGS is spread out over three
(standard choral octavo), with other titles available, such
DREAMS, XUAN, and her setting of ARIRANG and the Japanese
folk song


Chen Yi has a set of Chinese folk songs, published by
Presser I think. Sher wrote these for Chanticleer. I
recommend "Diu diu deng" for its high quality-to-difficulty
I'd feel confident singing this with high school students.

Earthsongs has a Chinese series too, also worth looking
at. More
difficult, I think.


Chen Yi's piece in the second set of Chines Songs, Jasmine
Flower in
English, is very approachable. Unfortunately, she has
written the
characters out in dialect, but my kids retranscribed it
into Mandarin.
There are other songs in the three sets which are
approachable by HS
students. . . .


Try "A Set of Chinese Folk Songs" in three volumes by Chen
Li. They are
published by Theodore Presser. Order numbers: Vol. I 312-
41731; Vol. II
312-41732; Vol. III 312-41733. They are SATB with optional


I have 2 arrangements of Chinese folk songs:
Flower Drum Song
Jasmine Flower

They are 2 of the most popular folk songs from China and I
conducted the
1999 National ACDA High School Honor Choir at the
convention that year. We
also had dancers as well.

These two pieces are published by Alliance Music of Houston
in the Jing
Ling-Tam Choral Series. You should be able to order them
through your local
music source or call e mail or call Alliance's 800 number

Let me know if I could be of further assistance.

Jing Ling-Tam
Professor of Music
Director of Choral Studies
University of Texas at Arlington
P. O. Box
Arlington, Texas 76019
Tel: (817)272-2482

Fax: (817)272-3434


Compilation sent by:

Andrea C. Brumbach
Director of Choral Music
Exeter Township SHS
Reading, PA 19606


on December 11, 2002 10:00pm

If anyone is interested in Chinese/oriental folk song arrangement please feel free to drop me a line. I will see if I can help.

on July 12, 2004 10:00pm
Does anyone have an email address for New World Press in Beijing? They publish a book of folk songs from different ethnic groups in China?

Thank you,
Emily Ellsworth
Artistic Director
Glen Ellyn Children's Chorus
on May 2, 2008 10:00pm
Does anyone know of some nice unison or 2-part Chinese folk song arrangements (in Chinese)? I own the Chen Yi Mountain songs, but they are a little too difficult for my kids. Any other suggestions? I can find a truckload of Japanese songs, but no Chinese, other than the Yi.

Many thanks,
Marybeth Miller
Director, Delaware Children's Chorus