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Hymn-anthems with congregation

Thanks to all of you who replied to my request for
suggestions for arrangements of hymns for satb choir
with congregational participation. Here is a summary
of the responses I received.

Check out "Let the People Sing," published by
SoundForth, arranged by Fred and Ruth Coleman.
Contains piano and organ accompaniment. These are
arrangements for the congregation assisted by the
choir. Besides single titles, the collection also
incorporates some nice hymn medleys.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANY of the hymn concertato
settings by my St. Olaf colleague John A. Ferguson.
His hymn concertatos are published primarily by
Augsburg Fortress (St. Olaf Choral Series), GIA,
Morning Star, Hope Publishing among others. I have
used any number of these over the last 20 years. His
settings are created to "enliven" the singing
of the congregation, yet provide the choir with
wonderfully, creatively written choral sections.
Often these are set with brass quartet, but not always
and wonderful organ accompaniment that vibrantly
support congregational singing.

Oxford has a number of these.
John Rutter wrote a couple I know of, and there are
probably more: Now Thank We All Our God (#40.028-42)
and All Creatures of Our God and King (#40.029-42).
There is also R. Vaughan Williams arrangement of All
Hail the Power (Miles Lane tune) (#42.230).

Concordia used to have a whole slew of these.
S. Drummond Wolf and Paul Manz did a number of these.

Among the ones I know of are Praise to the Lord - S.
Drummond Wolf (#98-2208);
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name (Miles Lane tune) -
S. Drummond Wolf (#98-2576); Immortal, Invisible, God
Only Wise - S. Drummond Wolf (#08-2525);
Christ is Made the Sure Foundation (Westminster Abbey
tune) - S. Drummond Wolf (#98-2564). Paul Manz has
The Church's One Foundation (Aurelia tune) (#98-2282).

Paul Manz - Concertato on Crown Him With Many Crowns
(Diademata) This one may be published by Augsburg
rather than Concordia.

Choristers Guild has some, Hinshaw has some by John
Rutter and Emma Lou Diemer (How Firm a Foundation -
HMC-527 & The Church's One Foundation - HMC-525), GIA
has some, Agape has several by Hal Hopson.

Festival Piece on Saint Anne - arr. Eugene Butler,
McAfee Music Corp. #M1119
All Creatures of Our God and King - arr. Alice Parker,
Hinshaw Music #HMC-371
Go, Make of All Disciples - arr. Hal Hopson, Agape #HH
Concertato on "Christ the Lord is Risen Today" - arr.
Hal Hopson, Choristers Guild #CGA-374
How Firm a Foundation - arr. John Rutter, Hinshaw
Music #HMC-667
Concertato on Regent Square - arr. Arnold B. Sherman
(can be used either as Praise, My Soul, the King of
Heaven or Angels, From the Realms of Glory) - H.W.
Gray #GCMR 03608
Jesus Shall Reign Where 'er the Sun - arr. James
Engel, Augsburg-Fortress Press #11-2107.
Concertato on Praise to the Lord (Lobe den Herren) -
Noel Goemanne, GIA #G-2224
Jesu, Lover of My Soul (Aberystwyth) - Henry Coleman,
Oxford #42.135
Hope of the World - arr. Carl Schalk, Agape #HSA 101
God Hath Spoken By His Prophets - arr. Carl Schalk,
Agape #HSA 100
Concertato on "The Strife is O'er" - arr. Hal Hopson,
Agape #HH 3947
Concertato on "The Lord's My Shepherd, I'll Not Want"
- arr. Hal Hopson, Agape #HH 3915

Gordon Young wrote several hymn arrangements for Hope
Pub. Co. They are simple, usually have at least one,
if not two stanzas in unison where the congregation
can join in and some brass.

There are many Carl Schalk arrangements, and Walter
Pelz arrangements, with and without brass. Also
Busarow arrangements are consistent in their high
quality, I think. We use all three composers

The following are with instruments and were culled
from Choralist as recommendations; I don't know them
Busarow - Concertato on All Creatures of Our God and
King - Morningstar MSM 60-9011A
Busarow - O Lord, You Are My God and King
Busarow "Jerusalem". By Charles Hubert Hastings
Parry.. SATB, organ. Dur 3', 30" Coronet Press.

Mark Hayes - Easter Fantasia SATB with children's
choir and opt. Congregation., Beckenhorst BP1648,
Three Easter hymns medley :"Low in the Grave He Lay"
"Christ the Lord is Risen Today," w/ children
antiphonally "Hymn to Joy" w/ Congregation
Straightforward part writing, moderate ranges, limited
divisi Instrumentation BP1648A Fl, Oboe, Clar,
horn, 2 trumpet, Tbn, Bs. Tbn, Piano, percussion,

Check out our hymfests. You can't hear much of the
congregation in the recordings but they are all
arranged for SATB +Cong.

My arrangement of "Go Tell It On the Mountain",
commissioned by Philip Brunelle and VocalEssence, and
published by Boosey & Hawkes could very easily involve
the congregation during the familiar repeated chorus
sections. I have syncopated the well-known melody a
bit, so a unison demo of the chorus in advance of the
performance for the congregation would probably be
helpful, and fun to do in terms of face-to-face
singing together with the choir. Also, during one of
choruses near the end which is written simply in
octaves, the audience could join also join with the
chorus in the clapping on beats 2 and 4. It's a fun,
medium up-tempo arrangement, and has been a
best-seller for Boosey. I hope you choose to perform
Steve Barnett

At the Name of Jesus (R. Vaughan Williams) - Oxford
Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation (Edwin T. Childs) -
The Church's One Foundation (John Ferguson) - Augsburg
Festival 'St. Anne' (Hal Hopson) - A.M.S.I. (out of
Jesus Shall Reign (Edwin T. Childs) - Selah ** also
includes the text "I Know that my Redeemer Lives"
Lift High the Cross (Carl Schalk) - Concordia
Praise the Almighty, My Soul Adore Him (Walter Pelz) -
Two Festival Hymns (John Rutter) - Hinshaw ** includes
"Rejoice the Lord Is King" and "Christ the Lord Is
Risen Today"

The following site gives a listing of our concertato
publications, and you can download full review copies
of most of them when clicking on their links.

We have Walli DePue's "Love Divine" on the HHM
website. It contains both versions of the tune used
with the familiar text. Many congregations know both
versions. You can use congregational singing on page
one and then the choir and soloist would take over
through the last page. There's a repeat back to page
one for an ending second verse the congregation can
sing that also
includes a descant line. You can have a
look/hear/order from:

composers Craig Courtney and Dan Bird have written
anthems "around" familiar hymns - which the
congregation is invited to sing along with. They have
also arranged hymns for SATB.

Two composer/arrangers come to my mind
immediately..........HAL HOPSON has published many
Hymn Concertatos for several publishers including
GIA.........Michael Burkhardt has publised some
excellent ones with Morning Star........also check
some of the Paul Manz hymns for choir congregation and

Thanks again!

Bonnie Newton
Salt Lake City, UT

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