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Books on Children's Choir rehearsals

Many thanks for the suggestions. Here's the compilation.

The original message was:

> Dear listers,
> I'm looking for bibliography about rehearsal with children.
> Could you recommend any? I'm most interested in excercises of respiration,
> relaxation and vocalization.
> thank all of you,


I've used a book called, "Teaching Kids to Sing" I can't remember the
author's name though. Hope that helps.

Innocent Sounds written by Marie Schultz, published by MorningStar. Their
phone number in the U.S. is 800-647-2117. They are located in the town of
Fenton, Missouri. Very good book.

Look for a book by Kenneth Phillips. I am not sure of the publisher, but the
author is at the University of Iowa.

I like very much the material from Doreen Rao We will sing!. and Jean
Ashworth Bartle's Lifeline for Children's Choir. Helen Kemp is excellent.

Kenneth Phillips wrote an exhaustive book on everey technical aspect
entitled _Teaching Kids to Sing.

Two excellent books regarding childrens' choir rehearsals and curriculum are
as follows:

1. Lifeline for Children's Choir Directors by Jean Ashworth Bartle
published by Gordon V. Thompson Music, Toronto, Canada revised 1993
number V1422

2. Teaching Kids to Sing by Kenneth H. Phillips
published by Schirmer Books 1633 Broadway, NY, NY 10019-6785

One of the best books available is Jean Ashworth Bartle's "Lifeline for
Children's Choir Directors", the publisher is Gordon V. Thompson Music in
Toronto, Canada. Another is "Rehearsing the Elementary School Chorus" by
Linda Swears (I'm not sure if I've got the title correct, the book is at my
office, but if you do a search with Linda's name, that should turn it up).
You might also want to look at Nancy Telfer's "Successful Warmups" series
published by Neil A. Kjos Music Company.

Fijate en todo caso en el libro "El coro de niños" de Vilma Gorini. Es
de la editorial Guadalupe.

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