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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Managing subscriptions

Starting from your user page (which you can access by clicking on your name at the top whenever you are logged in), clicking the Subscriptions button allows you to manage your subscriptions.

Current subscriptions

All of your subscriptions are listed in the first section. Here you can unsubscribe from any subscriptions you're no longer interested in (or subscribed to by accident), and (for some subscriptions) you can choose whether to receive replies.
In a Forum topic area such as "Repertoire questions", new questions about repertoire start new "threads" and can generate replies as other users suggest repertoire matching the question. If you have Include replies checked, all such replies will be included in your subscription; if it's not checked, you'll only receive the questions. However, you can subscribe individually to a thread that interests you and receive only the replies to that thread. To do this, find the thread on the website and click Subscribe to thread; this will then become a separate subscription on your subscription list. You can have as many thread subscriptions as you like, but they automatically expire after a certain time. The Include replies checkbox sends you all replies to all threads in that particular forum or on ChoralBlog.

Changes to your subscriptions only take effect when you click the Submit button at the bottom.

Add subscriptions

The second section of the page allows you to add a geographical subscription, so you can hear about concerts, classifieds, new choir listings, new users, and other announcement in your state, province, or country. To add a geographical subscription, click the checkbox and choose the location from the menus. When you click Submit the subscription will be added; you can delete it later like any other subscription. To add more than one geographical subscription, you can visit this page additional times.

There's also a checkbox here so you can choose to subscribe to ChoralNet Daily, a once-a-day summary of new content on ChoralNet. New users are automatically subscribed to ChoralNet Daily but you can easily opt-out by unchecking this box and clicking Submit below. More about ChoralNet Daily

Subscription options

The third section of this page allows you to control how you read your subscriptions. If you've been a list subscriber, you may be used to getting each item as a separate email; you can choose this option. But you might prefer to receive a digest, with all the new items in a single email, or our convenient "index" subscription, which will send only the titles of new items, each with a convenient link so you can read the item if the title interests you.

For power users or anyone who wants more control over their subscriptions, the Customize button takes you to a page where you can set your delivery settings individually for each subscription, so you could choose to receive discussion topics as individual emails but only get announcements and classifieds as a daily index. The Customize button also gives you control over whether your emails are sent using HTML.

If you're used to reading blogs or news via an RSS reader such as Google Reader, you can also read your individual ChoralNet subscriptions via RSS. The "RSS Feed" line shows a custom feed URL which will provide only the content in your individual subscriptions to your RSS reader. The URL is in a text box so you can copy it easily if you need to, but you can't change it.

What you can't do on this page is add subscriptions (except geographical ones). This is because there are thousands to choose from, so we couldn't list them all. Anyway, you probably want to see what's going to be there before subscribing, so we've put Subscribe buttons all over the site in corresponding locations. If you're viewing ChoralBlog, the Subscribe button will subscribe you to ChoralBlog. If you're viewing a forum list, the Subscribe button will subscribe you to new messages on that forum. If you're viewing a thread, the Subscribe button will subscribe you to that thread.

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