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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

User profile help

Your user profile is a way to personalize your presence on ChoralNet and identify yourself to other users. You may put as much or as little on this page as you like and change it as often as you see fit.

Any user (including yourself) can see your user profile by clicking on your name in the byline of anything you've contributed to ChoralNet, or by searching the user directory. You can also access your user profile by choosing My user profile from the My ChoralNet menu.

When you want to log in, you may go to your own user page and click Login as this user if you prefer, rather than using the Login menu — that way you won't have to type your email address every time.

Your page as it appears to you is shown at right.

Your profile is for your professional self-description. You may put your resume or biography there, or announcements of concerts you're presenting or compositions you've written. You can embed images, MP3s, or YouTube videos.  To edit this area, click the "Edit profile" button on the upper right.

Commercial content on your user profile is acceptable as long as it's tasteful and choral-related.

The Edit profile page also allows you to:

  • Edit your geographic location or time zone, which we asked for when you first signed on.
  • Change your email address

The ChoralNet Communities are a way to self-identify as part of a subset of the choral world. This allows you to find others who are part of the same subcommunities. For example, if you are part of a specialized subset of choral music such as barbershop or vocal jazz, you can click on the Find communities to join to see if there's a relevant community. If not, you can create one! Once you've joined a community, that community's name will appear on your user page; clicking on the community name will take you to that community's main page.

User page sidebar

The right sidebar of your user page shows the most recent contributions you've made to ChoralNet. If they haven't been approved by our moderators yet, items will be labeled "(pending)". Other users who view your user page will also see this list, but it won't include the pending items. This list is a great way to remind yourself of conversations you're participating in in the Forums, and allows you to check when messages you've submitted have been approved by moderators.

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