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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Glossary of terms

This glossary is intended for moderators, but general users might find it useful.
  • Announcement - user submission which doesn't expect a reply, such as a concert
  • Author - The user who originally wrote a message, reply, or other content on the website
  • Classifieds - similar to classified ads in a newspaper, a categorized listing of items for sale or to give away, jobs offered or wanted
  • Content - a self-contained chunk of information on the ChoralNet website, such as a message, blog post, classified ad, user page, choir link, resource, group. Although most content can be displayed as a separate page, some content types are only intended to be shown as a list, or embedded in the page of other content (e.g. photos)
  • Forum - A categorized listing of discussions. Each Forum has a name like "Rehearsal procedures" or "Repertoire suggestions".
  • Forum index - The main listing of forums you get to when you click on the "Forums" button at the top
  • Forum view - The listing of messages in an individual forum
  • Message - An individual announcement or discussion topic in a forum. 
  • Moderation - The most valuable asset of ChoralNet, the process by which website content is approved for public display. Our fantastic moderators work 24/7 to make sure that ChoralNet's content is of the highest quality.
  • Permissions - The collection of abilities each user has to use the ChoralNet website. For each type of content, each user might have permission to view it, edit it, moderate it, delete it, create it, or comment on it. 
  • Queue - A list of messages and replies awaiting moderation. Also called moderation queue
  • Reply - A response to an existing messages. Replies can be either posted publicly on the website in a thread or are sent to the original author, depending on the settings in the particular message. Avoid: comment, response
  • Submission - A message or reply which is awaiting moderation
  • Thread - a message and its replies, all shown on one page
  • User - Also called registered user, an individual who has registered and has a username and user page on ChoralNet's website. Anonymous users are those who have not registered, or registered users who have not logged in; they can read most of the website but cannot contribute to it.

Transitional terminology from the lists

A few concepts from Choralist/Talk need to be modified for use in the new system:
  • Posts or postings are now called messages
  • Posters are now authors
  • Topics correspond roughly to forums

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