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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Subscriptions help

Subscriptions allow you to keep track of new activity on the ChoralNet website. While you can look for new items on the website or via public RSS feeds, subscriptions allow you do the following:
  • Create a customized RSS feed which contains exactly the items you're interested in, which you can view using your own RSS reader
  • View your subscriptions right on our website with the built-in subscription viewer (choose Read My Subscriptions from the MyChoralNet menu)
  • Receive your subscribed items by email, either with individual emails or using our convenient digest or index options (see below).
To do either of those things, chose  Subscription email options from the MyChoralNet menu. More help on managing subscriptions

You can subscribe to:

  • Specific types of content on ChoralNet, such as Choral News or ChoralBlog
  • Individual categories in some areas, such as Classifieds and Forums
  • Individual forum threads (including comments)
  • Geographical areas. By choosing a country, province, or state, you can receive notification of new Classifieds, concert announcements, choirs, etc. which are located in that specific place.
  • Communities. When you join a Community you are automatically subscribed to its forum, blog, and any other new content.

How do I subscribe?

Start by exploring the site by clicking the various links along the top.
  • To subscribe to Forums, click on the forum area you're interested and you'll see a Subscribe button. For topics which allow commenting, you won't initially be subscribed to the replies to posts in the forum; to change this, click on Subscriptions on your user page.
  • To subscribe to an individual thread (that is, a message and its replies), view the thread and click on the "Subscribe to thread" button.
  • To subscribe to a Classifieds topic, click on the topic name and then on the Subscribe button.
  • To subscribe to a geographical location (such as California), choose your location from the MyChoralNet menu (or navigate to a different one) and click the Subscribe button.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from any individual area of ChoralNet within the subscription viewer. Choose Read My Subscriptions from the MyChoralNet menu.

What are my delivery options?

  • Index version: a daily summary with just a one-line description of each item, plus a convenient link to read the whole thing in your browser
  • Digest subscription: a daily summary with the entire contents of each new item
  • Individual emails: this corresponds to the subscription many Choralist and ChoralTalk users are used to; you'll receive a separate email each time new content is added in the areas you're subscribed to.
  • Customized RSS feed: There's an RSS link on your Subscriptions page which you can enter into your favorite RSS reader.

Can I receive different subscriptions in different formats?

Yes, choose  Subscription email options from the MyChoralNet menu. This will allow you to choose each of the formats above individually for every subscription, as well as set a default for anything new you subscribe to subsequently. You can also control whether you receive HTML email using this option.

How can I change my subscription email address?

Choose My user profile from the MyChoralNet menu, then click Edit

Do I have to use subscriptions?

Nope. You can read all of ChoralNet's content right here on the website, or use your RSS reader to keep up with individual content areas marked with the RSS symbol.

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