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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

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ACDA Division Presidents
Community for Division leadership. This list will include current (sitting) presidents, and presidents elect. Tim Sharp and Craig Gregory will also be ion this list.
301 Tom Merrill
ACDA Division Presidents
Current Presidents of regional divisions of the American Choral Directors Assonciation
814 Solveig Holmquist
ACDA Eastern Division
  This is the choralnet community for the Eastern Division of the American Choral Directors Association.   Visit our webpage at __________________________________________________________________________________   
1682423 Robert Duff
David Fryling
(3 more)
ACDA Eastern Division College and University
The collegiate community for the Eastern Division will provide opportunities for university directors to discuss important issues related to the profession.   As your College & University Repertoire and Standards Chair, I have reflected upon questions that have been posed to me or concerns that I have discussed with several of you.  I believe that some group networking can take place via this community discussion group.   Topics may include:  amount of rehearsal time, load equivalents for choirs, grading of choral singers, tenure & promotion, managing a budget in this current economic climate, retrenchment, vocal staff in relation to the number of voice students or number in the total music program.   Feel free to add a topic of your concern.  I hope you will join the discussion!   Peggy Dettwiler, DMA Director of Choral Activities Mansfield University 570-662-4721              
2415 Peggy Dettwiler
ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP)
In 2010, the ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) was re-introduced to its membership as a means to create opportunities for international dialogue and exchange between the next generation of leaders in the choral profession. Since that time, ACDA has administered successful exchanges with Cuba (2012), China (2014), Sweden (2015), and South Korea (2016). The objectives of the ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program are: To create connections between potential leaders of the U.S. choral community with counterparts across the globe. To forge stronger relationships between the American Choral Directors Association and choral associations across the world To raise the visibility and leadership role of the American Choral Directors Association in the global choral community. ------------------------------------- ACDA is pleased to announce the 2017 International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) with countries representing North, Central and South America. The 2017 ICEP of the AMERICAS is the most robust international exchange program offered by ACDA since its inception almost 60 years ago. In 2017, ACDA will partner with Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Each partner country will select a pre-determined number of participants to travel to the US and in turn, each partner country will then host the same number of US participants in their country. Applicants are asked to indicate their top three preferences below. ICEP is providing opportunities for the next generation of choral leaders to represent the United States as ambassadors to the world in the exchange of music, ideas, and cultures. In 2017, ACDA will host visiting international conductors representing all of the Americas. These Visiting International Conductors (VICs) will travel to the United States as choral music ambassadors to engage in official residencies with institutions and ACDA chapters throughout the country. These US residencies will include attendance at the 2017 ACDA national conference in Minneapolis, MN. In turn, our partner countries will host U.S. conductors to be official guests of their respective countries in 2017. ICEP Application Deadline: July 1, 2016. To apply online, please follow this Link.
1041316 T.J. Harper
ACDA Membership Development
A forum for state and division leaders to exchange ideas and practices related to membership growth. Created by ACDA's membership development director.
612 (1)0 Sundra Flansburg
ACDA New Mexico
Welcome to our new on-line community!  More coming very soon!  Tell all of your colleagues to join us  for communication, collaboration and community.
700 Diane Schutz
ACDA North Central Division
...a community for members and friends of the North Central Division-ACDA Plans are underway for the 2014 NC Division Conference to be held in Des Moines, Iowa. Details and forms will be available at! Our member states include North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. We look forward to sharing the joys and challenges of the choral art with our members and all readers of ChoralNet. Please see "Inside this community" on the right, for active links to all the North Central pages on this site.
114110 Aimee Beckmann-Collier
ACDA Northwestern Division
             Community for members & friends of the Northwestern Division of ACDA.  For more complete information, visit:
646 (1)47 Gary Weidenaar
Howard Meharg
ACDA of Michigan
The state level organization of the American Choral Directors Association for professional choral directors in the state of Michigan. Our Annual Fall Conference (featuring exciting headliners Jerry Blackstone from the University of Michigan, Tim Sharp, Executive Director of ACDA and special guest Charlene Archibeque Professor Emeritus and Acting Professor at San Jose State University!) is October 29-30 at Central Michigan University. Check us out and read all about the Fall Conference at our website:
2125 Archive User
Betsy Marsh
ACDA of Minnesota
ACDA of Minnesota - Land of 10,000 Choirs! The Choral Director's source for ongoing and engaging professional development. Our Mission: To support and inspire a community of choral musicians Check out our award-winning website! Click here for the ACDA of MN website Click here for the ACDA of MN Facebook Page 30th Annual Summer Dialogue - August 3-7, 2015 Job Openings in MN Audition Notices in MN FOLLOW ACDA OF MINNESOTA ON TWITTER - CLICK HERE! Our Website has been awarded the 2013 Best Hybrid Website with Professional Designer Award!
67413 Bruce W. Becker
Tom Hale
ACDA of Pennsylvania
The ChoralNet Community for members of the American Choral Directors of Pennsylvania (ACDA-PA) "Independent voices joining to form a common theme..."
8342 (3)20 Robert Drafall
Shaun Cloonan
Christopher Kiver
ACDA Repertoire & Standards
national, division and state Repertoire & Standards chairs
83410 Nancy Cox
ACDA Research and Publications Committee
Our go-to site for the work of the ACDA standing committee, "Research and Publications." Provides a central location for updates of individual work and committee projects underway.
1212 William Belan
ACDA Southern Division
A community for members and friends of the American Choral Directors Association Southern Division.
8428 Bradley Almquist
ACDA Southwestern Division
Members of the Southwestern Division are encouraged to join!
69213 Marjorie Camp
ACDA State and Division Editors
This community is a central resource for ACDA state and division newsletter editors, including Webmasters who serve as newsletter editor where there is no separate editor in the state/division.   Discussion is open to any topic relating to ACDA newsletters, e.g., management, writing, editing, layout, publication in paper or digital format, etc.
501 Gayle Old-Smith
ACDA Student Chapters
A place to promote your student chapter, share ideas and network with other student chapters in your state, region and country! Here's how to get started: Make a page for your student chapter! Add a sub page (Or a 'Child') to add more information or share event information to other student chapters Send your student chapter members a link to this page and your student chapter page! Start networking with your future colleagues in different student chapters!
6610 (2)5 Brian Albertsen
ACDA Treasurers
A sounding board for ACDA financial leaders.
120 Garcia-Brown Adriana
Alabama ACDA
Alabama ACDA is a thriving community for choral directors living in Alabama.      
2338 philip copeland
Timothy Banks
American Choir Festivals & Competitions
What resonates most with Directors and Choir Members at Choral Festivals and Competitions?  What would you like to see more (or less) of in the future?  If you were the Choral Festival “Czar” how would you change or modify the Choral Festival Experience for Choirs in America?
4594 Geoffrey McQueen
Arizona ACDA
Arizona's state chapter of the American Choral Directors Association   AzACDA website:   Be sure to check out Antiphon, our state newsletter, and our annual AzACDA Summer Conference (sometimes called the "Four Corners Choral Workshop" or the "Four Seasons"). Our most current and accurate information is found on the website linked above, including details about upcoming events.   You may also wish to take a virtual tour of the Arizona choirs linked here on ChoralNet.
2327 David Topping
David T
Thomas Bookhout
Association of Canadian Choral Communities
Canada's professional service organization for choral practitioners, founded in 1980. A national voice for over 600 conductors, 38,000 singers, as well as choral composers, publishers and administrators, the ACCC promotes its art form at all levels throughout Canada and supports and encourages the writing and performance of Canadian choral music. 
26111 Christina Murray
Beginning Teachers
A place for new teachers and choir directors to                                 connect and share ideas during the first few years.                              
17810 (5)39 Pamela Baker