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Montana Choral Directors Association

Do you feel recharged and inspired? 
Dr. Copley's sessions were amazing - so many new and inspirational ideas, along with a lot of things I had forgotten and will use again.  The thing about "Dr. C" that amazes me is her personal decision to keep growing.  She is always learning new techniques and examining her own conducting and rehearsals.  Self-analysis and evaluation are so crucial to our success as choral directors.  I hope we can help each other stay connected and share ideas throughout the year - not just at our conference.  By the way - Copley runs a two-year MM program in choral conducting at Northern Arizona University that is one of the best programs in the country.  Something to think about, fellow directors...
The sessions by Edith Copley were so well attended - I was ecstatic to see the growth in our organization.  Tim Sharp told me that Montana's membership has been growing at one of the fastest rates in the country.  That's encouraging!  I also enjoyed getting to know Tim, and putting a face and personality with our national office.  Tim loved Missoula, and caught a few bull and cutthroat trout. 
Thank you to Peggy Leonardi and her panel for all the excellent "nuts and bolts" ideas presented at our last session.  Also, thank you to Pepper for providing our reading packets and letting Dr. Copley select the repertoire.  I hope you found a few pieces to use.
I'm looking forward to getting in front of my choirs and trying out some of the new ideas I learned this weekend!