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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Composers of Choral Music

COMPOSITION SHOWCASE  Conductors can find useful works by member composers.
Welcome to the Composers of Choral Music Community.  This is a community of about 500 small business men and women.  We are here to build bridges between the people who create choral Music and the people who program it.  Composers and conductors are welcome.   Be sure to click on the blog to read articles about some of our finest composers.  Click on the forum to join the discussions on topics of composition.  Click on the Composition Showcase to find only the best repertoire created by our members.  We limit ourselves so that you can find the absolute best choral music available.  If you like the samples of a composer's work, follow the links to their website for a larger dose of her/his creative output.  
Member benefits include: put full length sound files on your profile, post questions and successes to the forum, join in stimulating conversations about topics you care about, learn and share technical knowledge and be a part of a group where you belong. 
MOST IMPORTANT!:  Join the community by clicking on the "join this community" button found above the blue line on the forum page. You can not be an editor or comment until you have done this.  You must be logged in to ChoralNet first!
Click here for the Composition ShowcaseInstructions for Upload:
This community is owned by Jack Senzig and edited by Greg Bartholomew, John Ward, Ray Braswell and Jack Senzig.
Jack's Vision For Our Community:
1. To foster a working relationship between those that program choral repertoire and those who create it.   ChoralNet is different than all the other composing forums in that the conductors share this space.  All we need to do is open the door.  
2. I would like to help make this into a true community, where members know and care about each other.  It is in building relationships that our loves and lives can come together for the mutual benefit of all.   
How to do this:
I would like to build a library of complete or partial score (personal preference) that would reside here.   ChoralNet has the capability to store PDF files in the library.  Be sure to include copyright info.   Let's show conductors and performers what we have to offer.  
I would like to have you submit mp3 files of performances of your works.  (after a place has been made ready for this)  If you don't own the copyright please get permission and note that where ever the MP3s end up.  I will look into creating a page where a link to the pdf could sit next to the MP3.  
I would like to write an article for the blog each month about one of you.  I am especially interested in community members that have had works performed by conductors and choirs that are already members of ChoralNet.  You can message me with which ChoralNet member has performed your work, the name of the work and a link to any score, audio, video and/or mp3 of the performance.   Do not fear being seen as vain or self-serving.  I am asking you this to save me hours of research.  I have my own ensembles, full and part time jobs, family, blogs and other volunteer work  to do.  I can spend more time helping you if you will be an advocate for yourself (or someone else).  
Since we are a community, lets share our successes with each other.   If you have a performance of one of your works coming up, receive a new commission, or have a premiere,  post it in the forum.   You could also announce it in the Announcements tab, but talk to us as friends and colleagues, less about recruiting for attendance. 
There is presently no way other than commenting or posting to show that we are here.  I encourage you to reply to posts and comments that you are interested in even if all you say is a short affirmation.
   -Note: I got ChoralNet to add an Applause button so you can chime in without sending everyone an emailed response.  Come to the actual website to see applaud counts and be a more active participant. Feel free to comment or use the button if you don't have much to say.
Message me with your own ideas of how we can bring this vision to life or help redirect the vision.
The Virtual Choir Network is a related community to the Composers of Choral Music Community.  It has been developed primarily to create Virtual Choir recordings of un-premiered works by composers that are members of this community.   Special thanks to composer David Avshalomov for graciously allowing us to use his piece "I Bend the Knee of My Heart" as the audition piece for this project.  David's compositions are of the highest quality and the audition piece fits our needs very well.  David's entry for this piece can be seen in the Composition Showcase.  Check out the complete PDF and Sound File.   Please visit David's Website to peruse his prolific compositions You can also see a list of David's works that are on display in the Composition Showcase on the composer index page.  
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