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Harmony Chorus

Category: Children's and Youth Choirs
Voicing: Mixed
Location: Bergamo, Italy
HARMONY CHORUS Harmony chorus, chorus of children aged 3 to 30 years, with a number of performances territorial and extra-territorial throughout the year, the choir belonging to the Galaxy dell'Antoniano Bologna and official choir of several television shows including "A World music," "Christmas Concert city of Bergamo," "Small voices in the world," and "Music for Africa." The star of the concert official of the city of Bergamo at the Donizetti Theater in 2011 and 2014. Choir official Lilliput festival that each have held the fair of children "Lilliput: the creative village" in Bergamo. June 21, 2015 star of the European Music Festival in Bergamo at Palazzo Frizzoni. Among their concerts include: Upper city Bergamo in 2011, 2011 Bergamo, Rome 2011, Rovereto 2012, Bologna 2013, Music for Africa 2014, London 2015, Innsbruck 2015, Rovereto 2015 and all concert events throughout the province. On 9 December, the choir has performed as the first choir in the world examining Chorus Rock & Pop advanced level with the Trinity College of London, earning a score of 90/100. This examination was done at the Tin Pan Alley academy school, from which the Harmony chorus examination center for Trinity College of London. The review was done by an examiner sent by the Trinity College of London who examined the choir and other students of the school. This certification is recognized in 61 countries around the world is evidenced by the level of skill in the advanced degree of Small choir. July 2015 will undertake an intensive partnership with the Dacorum music school in London, and will perform for them in three concerts at Hemel Hempstead -Hertfortshire (UK). In June 2011 they released their first CD "Small voices in the world" who led the choir also to do a concert in Rome. He recorded the song "Shake hands" unreleased track for the inaugural Music for Africa," in part with official choir for several songs of bands European tour as the Voyeur. For October 2015 released their second CD. The choir is directed by Luna Maggioni, singing teacher and vocal technique, vocal coach, teacher of musical, singing teacher and music for children with autism, dyslexia and other. Administrative and artistic director of Tin Pan Alley academy school of Bariano (BG), academy of music, theater, dance and musical with mold American-British.